Austin Startup Pristine secures $5.4 million to revolutionize healthcare

Tessa McLean

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As people search for more every day uses for Google Glass, one Austin startup already has it all figured out. They’re going to save lives with it.

Pristine, the HIPAA-compliant video streaming service, has raised $5.4 million in Series A financing from S3 Ventures and Capital Factory. Its flagship app, Eyesight, aims to put an end to doctor-shortage and allow medical professionals to act quicker to aid patients even when a doctor is absent. With audio/video streaming across every platform, imagine getting diagnosed before you’ve even left the ambulance.

“Wearable technologies like Google Glass are revolutionizing how healthcare is delivered, and the Pristine platform is the market leader,” said Brian R. Smith, Managing Director at S3 Ventures said in a statement. “Current customers are raving about the product, and we are excited to partner with Pristine to continue innovating in healthcare, as well as remote support applications in other industries.”

The platform is currently in use in ERs, ORs, ICUs, ambulances, as well as in medical education and medical device service across the country.

“We have deployed EyeSight in ERs, ORs, ICUs, ambulances, and even patients’ homes,” Kyle Samani, co-founder and CEO of Pristine said in a statement. “We understand that security is paramount. There is a lot of misinformation about Glass and privacy out in the wild; we have gone the extra mile to guarantee security and control for our clients. Our utmost focus on security will fuel our growth as we scale our wearable communication technology throughout healthcare and across other industries.”

This financing allows the company to expand its R&D, sales, marketing, and operations teams, and support the company’s growth.

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