Applying Crowdfunding to Real Estate

S Nakra is online investment platform. Through our platform we are providing accredited and non-accredited investors access to real estate investment opportunities. Investors can browse opportunities and can pool their money with other investors to purchase bricks in these opportunities for as little as $500. Investors also have access to a personalized investor dashboard where they can monitor their investments, returns and tax documents. Through our investment platform, we’re making investing in real estate easier than investing in stocks market.

Crowdfunding is the best solution for real estate market.

Crowdfunding is breaking through the barriers involved with traditional real estate investing. Real estate investing in general is time consuming, expensive and requires skill and local knowledge. Old school way, unless you’re willing to invest over $50,000 into a single asset and can afford the time and effort to actively manage and operate the property, it isn’t a viable investment option.

Real estate crowdfunding through our platform, provides access to high return real estate projects with transparency that has never before been possible for real estate but also greatly reduces the time and capital requirements needed to invest. That is because most investment is passive and investors don’t have to worry about the usual headaches that come with property management and the investment minimums are much lower. This allows investors to invest more quickly and also to allocate the same $50,000 across multiple properties in different locations which may otherwise put into a single property, thereby achieving greater diversification.

Equity Brick reshaping the real estate investment world

These high return real estate investments deals were only available to high net worth and financial institutions, now non-accredited investors can also invest in high return, hassle free real estate crowdfunding project and earn passive income from rental properties and/or capital gains through fix and flip projects.

Imagine sitting on your couch in Dallas and browsing through investments projects in Austin or Houston from your laptop. Crowdfunding is making that possible.

Let your money work for you

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