Combining Forces: MassVenture acquire Equity Brick

S Nakra

Beginning immediately, and both Texas real estate crowdfunding platform are combining forces and will begin operating as MassVenture. Equity Brick brings years of experience in real estate, financial services, and technology to contribute to ongoing success of MassVenture.

“The combination of Equity Brick and MassVenture is a highly strategic, value-enhancing step. We are bringing together the unique strengths of two great start ups to deliver best-in-class real estate crowdfunding platform using state of the art technologies to investors around the Texas and country,” said Seemant Nakra, Founder of Equity Brick

MassVenture will continue to operate as a Texas Intrastate Crowdfunding Portal, with aim to provide all Texans with opportunities to invest in high yield residential and commercial investment. The addition of the Equity Brick team and brand will produce a tremendous growth opportunity for MassVenture to continue to scale and improve upon technologies, and expand investment opportunities to their combined client base. The consolidated team will take a localized approach to Texas real estate crowdfunding, providing investors with opportunities to invest in their own community.

Nathan Roach, CEO and Co-Founder of MassVenture expressed his enthusiasm in the merger, stating, "I am excited to work with the former Equity Brick team, together we can do great things . . . Combining forces will allow us to grow and expand at a much faster pace."

New MassVenture team also anticipates bringing Texas based investments to the national market as they continue to scale and attract new interest in real estate crowdfunding. The transaction, which requires approval of shareholders and regulatory approvals is expected to close late in the second quarter of 2016.

About MassVenture

MassVenture, Inc. (f/k/a Hive Equity Inc) is based in San Antonio with operations in Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth, is Texas’ first approved investment crowdfunding platform. With a focus on real estate investing, MassVenture allows all Texans the opportunity to participate in the ownership of investment ventures across the state.


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