Real Estate Crowdfunding: Process to Success

S Nakra

Equity Brick conduct superior due diligence on sponsor and project prior to listing the project on our platform. We go through in-depth analysis of documents such as appraisals, title, Comps, entity documents, tax records etc. If everything works out, and sponsor and property meets our criteria, we list the property on our platform and invite our subscribers to fund the project. Our aim is to fund the deal with in Thirty (30) days.


For Investors: Investing process on Equity Brick is quick and transparent; just like you owning real estate yourself. We compile copious amounts of documentation into a comprehensive format for viewers to review with ease and have it all within one central location.


What is part of Due Diligence Process?


We start with REAL ESTATE COMPANY. We run Background Checks on all controlling people of the company, Credit Checks for the responsible parties. Reference Checks and Historical Experience is very part of the equation to establish the worthiness of the borrower. During this process we verify company’s operating documents, taxes, Insurance, etc.


Second step in the process is LOCATION. We carry in-depth analysis on Population, Major Employers, Neighborhood and Transportation where borrower is planning to build or acquire the real estate project. During this process we look for Strong Market Fundamentals.


Step three is the PROPERTY. We start with colleting and verifying information on Comparable of Sales and Leases, Tenants, Property Condition (Property appraisal) and Financials. Providing high quality real estate investment is our top priority.  The property must meet our standard set of criteria.


Last step, THIRD PARTIES INFORMATION We analysis contract and situation which may impact the overall project performance. Top on our list we look for answers relating to property management, lender, Current and/or previous liens, environment and title.


What we Stand for?


We will be present when investors make their decision, and we will be present when investors receive their quarterly disbursements and principal back. Our goal is to create an opportunity for non-accredited investors to diversify their own portfolios and invest in high return real estate projects. And our goal continues to be realized as we build more long term investor relationships.

“We’ll let due diligence be the reason for our success.”

This Blog does not provide investment, tax, or legal advice nor does it evaluate, recommend or endorse any investment. Investments are not FDIC insured and are subject to risk, including the loss of principal.

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