Our MissionHelp the world to discover, produce, share, and collaborate better by connecting expertise with data.Our VisionCreating knowledge from the data deluge is fundamentally changing the way people make decisions. No longer can a motivated analyst pick up tools off the shelf and create an interactive data pipeline in an afternoon. Additionally the technology required to build analysis and visualization is only accessible to the most technologically advanced companies in the world. The impact of lowering the barriers of entry to data-driven decision-making is enormous.We build technologies that enable analysts to answer questions from the data all around us. By engaging open source communities, we are building useful tools that are sustainable and widely used. By focusing on collaborative technologies, we give analysts a better medium to communicate their decision process and focus their stakeholders on the details that matter most. In creating a platform for distributing that expertise, we enable teams to quickly share insights and iterate on the solutions most critical to their success.As computing infrastructure and data architectures become larger and more complex, we have a simple purpose: better and faster answers, by keeping analysts and scientists in the driver’s seat. Whether computing on a enterprise data hub or a web cloud, the experience for the analyst should be equal. Our services and tools help the world manage the complexity ahead creating better analysis and visualizations for all.Our ValuesWe are eager to serve our customers and each other.We build community and foster open source while respecting customer Intellectual Property.We solve important problems even if they are hard.We become experts in specific areas.We work hard together, use each other’s tools, and lift each other to succeed to our fullest.We respect and trust every person and we eagerly learn from their experience. We also expect that experience to be communicated and challenged.We foster individual expression, tempered by effective and strong teams.We recognize that failing quickly can be a part of doing hard things.We strive to learn from failures and avoid repeating them.Our Commitment to Open SourceOur developers are key figures behind NumPy, SciPy,Chaco, Numba, Conda, Bokeh, and Blaze. We are also a driving force for PyData and foundational sponsors of Numfocus and sponsor members of the Python Software Foundation (PSF). We provide an opportunity for many developers to work on open-source while still providing valuable services and compelling technology products to the market. Careers at ContinuumJoining Continuum is a chance to change how data scientists and analysts use technology to make discoveries.What makes our culture special?We are learners.One of the first things you’ll love about Continuum is working with smart, passionate people.But the expertise does not come with egos. Because with every role—from deep technical coding to community organizing, it’s not just about what you know, but what you can learn.So we are all teachers.We learn from each other. And to do that, we all need to teach. It’s one of the core principles of open source: Building on existing knowledge so you can empower everyone.Powerful tools to explore data are changing the world. And we believe that people who share knowledge make us all better.Love the hustle.Continuum Analytics is growing fast. Every day we see new opportunities to fundamentally change this industry. You’ll work hard. But we know you’ll find it’s hard work worth doing.Hard work also means giving full effort in the face of ambiguity. Be ready to step into the unknown without having all of the answers.Make an impact.Today the tools used to make better decisions in business are being used to help cure diseases in central Africa.Imagine. What problems could we solve if more scientists didn’t have to be software experts? With tools that helped them faster and more easily explore vast amounts of data? There are no limits to what we can do together.Let’s get started! 

Open Jobs at Continuum Analytics, Inc.


July 12, 2017
Type: funding
Investors: 3 investors
September 01, 2016
Type: funding
July 23, 2015
Type: funding
Investors: BuildGroup, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, General Catalyst Partners


Website: continuum.io
Founded: 2012
Local Employees: 100
Funding: $38M
Location: Austin
Type: Technology Company
Industries: Big Data, Cloud

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