Intro to Fundraising and Ask Me Anything with Gordon Daugherty & Sara Brand

October 3, 2017
4:00pm - 7:00pm

Please note, this is a paid event. Purchase your ticket here! 

Join us for the next edition of Intro to Austin Fundraising with Capital Factory's Managing Director and General Partner Gordon Daugherty and other TrueWealth Ventures' Founding General Partner Sara Brand

Are you an entrepreneur starting a new company? Recently moved your company to Austin? Come hear an overview from an experienced entrepreneur and angel investor and get a chance to introduce yourself and ask questions.

4:00pm Tour of Capital Factory
4:30pm Presentation
5:15pm Ask Me Anything
6:00pm Happy Hour 

You can check out the slides and video from previous talks before you come here. The content is updated each month because the startup scene is always changing!

You'll get answers to questions like... 

• How do I meet my first investors? 

• Should I do an equity round or convertible note? 

• Should I join an accelerator? 

• How do I figure out my valution? 

• How long will it take to raise funding? 

• What will it cost?

You will find out about...

• Capital Factory 

• Austin Angel Investors 

• Austin Venture Capitalists

• Austin Incubators & Accelerators 

• Startup Lawyers 

•  Startup Banks 

• Pitch Events 

• AngelList 

• Syndicates 

• Angels vs. VC's 


• Crowdfunding 

• Blogs to read

REMINDER: We have a limited number seats so - we are requiring that you purchase a ticket on Eventbrite - in order to attend!

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