5 cutting edge tech companies making Austin their second home

February 19, 2015
The measure of any tech ecosystem is not only its ability to create successful startups, but also the way it convinces outside companies to setup secondary offices. For years, Austin has been a great place for successful tech companies to add new physical locations. This is largely due to the average salary, infrastructure, tax incentives, and the Texas Enterprise Fund (view map from 2013). 
We’ve identified a few notable companies that you may not know have chosen Austin as their second home and are expanding their teams and offices. You can browse the full list of companies expanding to Austin, organized by month.


3000+ employees
No one needs an introduction to Apple products. Austin’s new Apple campus has a hefty price tag of $304M and is posed to be the hub for potentially the top hiring companies in Texas. Currently, the teams’ current operations run across the board and include data processing, administrative, and a call center.


200+ employees
With their North American headquarters located in Austin, BigCommerce is priming for an IPO after the $50M Series D funding. It's served more than 55,000 clients, including YETI Coolers and Gibson Guitar. Check out the inside of their office via scooter ride.

Demand Media

70+ employees
Perhaps Demand Media's office is simply more cutting edge as a result of the predecessors that had frequented building, which included Willie Nelson Dolly Parton and Stevie Ray Vaughn have performed. As of last year, Demand Media is a publicly traded content and social media company. The company acquired a local Austin startup, Pluck, back in 2008.


The San Francisco-based company helps businesses and consumers save and share files. The company provides superior customer support as well as ways to protect files and enhance them. There is some healthy competition in the area - near their office in downtown Austin, is Box.


200+ employees

LegalZoom is for an easy-to-use, online service that helps people create their own legal documents. The nationally recognized legal brand for small business and consumers is growing and maintains a large presence in Austin. In a move towards becoming more environmentally friendly, they just installed 260kW of solar panels on their rooftop.

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