Get your foot in the door at 3 Austin companies hiring recent grads

by Colin Morris
September 30, 2015
There's no denying we're enjoying a tech boom in Austin. Which is great if you're working toward a degree and think your first job should be at a high growth startup. The scene rewards talented coders and hustlers, and so much the better if you're both. But if you still have a graduation gown in your closet and are light on experience, don't despair. There are plenty of companies in Austin who want to hire fresh faces.
Here are three to get you started.


Who they’re hiring: Roughly 10 full-time software developers, plus some interns for next summer.
What they’re looking for: Tiffany Lee, who works in University Relations, says it’s what you’ve done outside of class that matters most. “Have you taken the time to really apply what you’re learning through an internship or hackathon or other extra-curricular activity? Are you passionate about programming? Are you an amazing problem solver?”
Why you want to work there: There’s the usual ping pong and video games around the office, and BBQ on the roof for lunch, but HomeAway is serious about playtime outside the office, too. Every employee gets four weeks of vacation, which begins accruing with their first paycheck, and they’re expected to take it. “We believe in a #WholeVacation, and that you need to disconnect to reconnect” Lee said. “We also offer interesting, challenging work. As a mostly acquisition-based company that’s completely embraced e-commerce, we’ve got a lot of intriguing products to work on.”
HomeAway also wants to train you to get promoted. When you’re hired, you go to HomeAway University, a four-week training program that covers a variety of disciplines so new hires are able to join virtually any team in the company.


Who they’re hiring: At least 10-20 new grad software engineers over the next 6-12 months, in addition to more than 10 mid- to senior-level software engineering roles we have available.
Why they want to hire you: New grad hires bring a different energy to the company, and shake things up in a good way by asking questions that keep everyone sharp. They tend to come in heavier on theory-based work from school and are energized by the opportunity to apply their learning into something real. Bazaarvoice’s business is working with brands and retailers that interface with millions of end consumers, including new graduate consumers. Reflecting different voices on the team helps keep us strong as a company.
Why you want to work there: Talent Scout Graham Pionkowski said Bazaarvoice has a community for almost anyone who wants to contribute to something big.
“Our new hires quickly find other like-minded folks on the team, whether it’s other gamers, BBQ fanatics, foodies, knitters, or LARPers," he said. "And new graduates value being part of something bigger than themselves. With 650 million monthly unique visitors and 175 engineers, everyone here is contributing to the critical path.”


Who they’re hiring: Entry level developers for web, SQL and full stack, plus QA and test automation engineers.
What they’re looking for: Positive disruption from new perspectives. Ed Vega, Director of Software Development, said sometimes being new isn't a bad thing.
“For some graduates, that lack of real-world experience can be an asset," he said. "They will question why something is the way it is, when some of us have just gotten used to it being that way. That can lead to changes in processes or technologies that wouldn’t have happened without that fresh look at an old problem.”
He said vAuto also wants workers with the flexibility to stay current, learn new skills and adapt to changing technology.
Why you want to work there: You’ll have the right equipment to get the job done, an open environment where innovation is valued and encouraged, flexible schedules, and plenty of space for down time during the day.
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