This Austin startup is rolling out a new real-time data solution

Kelly O'Halloran
August 19, 2016

Kenny Gorman and Erik Beebe know data. 

After getting their start in the Valley, Gorman and Beebe sold their cloud-based DBasS company, ObjectRocket, to Rackspace in 2013. Now, the duo's hard at work on a new data platform in Austin, aiming to address some shortfalls identified by their old company's customers. 

Meet Eventador, an open-sourced software firm designed with real-time data in mind to speed up data transfers over Apache Kafka.
“Real-time has the promise to reduce the costs and increase performance,” Gorman said.
With ObjectRocket, the duo had worked to move data faster for apps. But data was stored on a disk on an array of computers, meaning computers had to spend time finding and retrieving that data. 
“It takes valuable time, and if the app is slow you hate it. It sucks,” said Gorman.
In response, they built an entirely new architecture so that Eventador could manipulate data differently — and faster.
“As data comes in, it’s flowing. It’s mutated in real-time. Then, you’re routing the data directly to its destination,” Gorman said. 
This method speeds up data transfers from seconds to milliseconds through Eventador’s platform. In addition to the time saved by moving data under Eventador’s model, Gorman and Beebe designed the platform so that businesses won’t have to recruit a dedicated team trained specifically to manage. 
“Running these types of software in the cloud is not easy. It requires specialized knowledge and is difficult to run and hire a team to keep up,” Gorman said. “This is what we bring to the table. You can just use our platform; developers can use it on the backend and forget about it.”
Eventador recently completed an angel round of funding. The company is looking to hire one to three positions for full stack engineers with Python experience and business operations to work alongside Gorman, Beebe and John Moore, the company's principal engineer. 
Image provided by company website.
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