5 Austin tech companies where you can put your design skills to the test

December 21, 2016

Techies, let’s face it: stellar code doesn’t mean much if it’s not user-friendly, intuitive and really, really pretty. You can build the smartest, fastest product around, and it could still amount to squat if things like visual design or user experience get left on the cutting room floor.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of digital designers who are eager to put their creative talents to the test. We combed through our job board for some of the coolest local design positions currently available.



The job: Senior Visual Designer

Who you'll work for: At Volusion, products always keep the end-user center of mind. In reality, that means building and delivering Saas commerce solutions for a whole host of businesses, from small one-person startups to large enterprises.

Why it’s cool: Volusion is pretty big on hiring people with an entrepreneurial spirit — someone who can “think big, go fast, and solve for the consumer.” If you’ve got the gumption to put your ideas into practice, you should fit right in.

What you’ll need: Along with outstanding design chops, Volusion is looking for a professional with at least seven years of experience, especially in web design. Quadruple bonus-points are awarded to designers with strong storyboarding skills, some tech savvy (think HTML, CSS, etc) and a healthy dose of humor.




The job: Senior User Experience Designer

Who you'll work for: If working for a mission-driven company is high on your must-have list, odds are you’d do well to check out Civitas Learning. They’re working toward helping millions of students during their educational pursuits, and they’re using cutting-edge technology, data science and design along the way.

Why it’s cool: Let’s talk numbers. Civitas already touches almost 300 learning institutions that help serve a whopping six million students. That’s a ton of potential lives — and futures — your work would directly reach.

What you’ll need: One of the cool requirements of the gig — besides experience in web design, UX design principles, and a mastery of common design tools — is an eagerness to continue growing and improving as a designer. Talk about attention to professional and personal growth.




The job: Experience Designer

Who you'll work for: With 1,300 employees and a valuation that flirts with $2 billion, it’s safe to say Sprinklr has become a banner brand of modern technological success — thanks in large part to its efforts in creating an enterprise-level social media management platform that many companies have come to rely on.

Why it’s cool: In terms of perks and benefits packages, they’re the real deal. Sprinklr offers all the standards — including 401(k) and health, dental, vision and life insurance packages — plus many of the extras that have become synonymous with working in tech, including a casual, dog-friendly office and gym benefits.

What you’ll need: For this one, you’ll need pro-level skills in Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. You’ll also want to know your way around tech coded in HTML 5, CSS 3 and Javascript, on top of an insane attention to detail.




The jobs: Associate Creative Director/Copy, Senior Interactive Art Director

Who you'll work for: Drumroll is a digital agency that focuses on improving the relationship between consumers and brands by building user experiences and customer journeys meant to leave a lasting impression.

Why it’s cool: Judging by their open positions, Drumroll’s creative and design department is growing fast. It’s always exciting to join a team during a period of upward momentum.

What you’ll need: For the Associate Creative Director/Copy role, Drumroll is looking for a tech-loving copywriter with seven years of experience and a stellar portfolio to boot. For the Senior Interactive Art Director role, the company wants that same level of experience, only in digital design and concept, plus some experience working with large, national brands.




The job: Senior Product Designer

Who you'll work for: Eureka is a software development shop built on over 30 years of experience in developing and designing products across the entire tech spectrum. From enterprise platforms to mobile, saas and the cloud, odds are the team at Eureka has some industry know-how.

Why it’s cool: They’ve done work for many of the most top-billed companies around, from IBM and Dell to Pinterest and Dropbox. We think working with the best of the best is pretty cool.

What you’ll need: For this position, Eureka is looking for senior product designers who are willing to work with whatever industries and technological challenges come their way. You’ll need at least four years of experience in user-centered design work, including having research and synthesis, benchmarking, prototyping and user testing all under your belt.



Images via featured companies. 

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