5 tech companies all Austin Java developers should check out

January 18, 2017

Throughout the year, programming experts release article after article featuring the most popular coding languages. Out of the more than 250 or so out there, Java lands high on the list — right next to Python, JavaScript, Swift and Ruby. 

If you're a developer and Java is your forte, your skills are in pretty high demand. Check out these five companies hiring for software engineering Java masters. 


What they do: Video conferencing is an excellent tool for businesses to communicate with clients, remote employees, business partners and more. But sometimes businesses don’t use video tools appropriately. That’s where Vyopta comes in. Their solution provides a single, integrated tool for businesses to monitor the usage, employee adoption and user experience of video conferencing solutions in real-time to measure effectiveness and draw insights. 

Open job: Java /.NET software developer 

What they are looking for: Vyopta is looking for folks who are ready to improve on every aspect of the company they’re involved with. In addition to proficiency in Java, candidates interested in this role should also have a handle on a rolodex of coding proficiencies, including .Net framework 4.0, C#, ASP.NET development, SOAP, REST, XML, and SQL Server. A bachelor's degree in computer science and at least five years in enterprise development experience or product development is also required. 


What they do: Over 285 higher-ed institutions use Civitas Learning’s platform to drive student success and increase graduation rates. Civitas’s data scientists provide analytical insights at the student and institutional levels, offering predictive recommendations and specific interventions for faculty, administrators and advisors. 

Open job: Senior software engineer

What they are looking for: For this role, the company wants a design expert with over eight years of experience in building platform technologies. Applicants must be masters of Java, Scala, Python and/or SQL and have a BS in computer science or related field. Huge bonus for those who have a background in PostgreSQL Amazon RedShift (or other column store databases), ETL or Linux.


What the do: The small office for BlackLocus is known as the Innovation Lab within The Home Depot. Scientists and engineers develop analytical competitor pricing and software innovation tools to inform strategic plans for home improvement juggernaut. 

Open job: Senior software engineer

What they are looking for: You'll fit right in if you're a creative and thoughtful senior-level programmer with communication skills just as strong as your coding. If you understand that the first release of a product probably won’t include all the features a business asks for — but still count it as a win when it works better than anticipated — then you should consider applying.


What they do: Supporting community financial organizations, Malauzai designs and develops mobile apps with banks and credit unions in mind. 

Open job: Android engineer 

What they are looking for: In this gig, you'll need to be excited to join the fintech industry. Experience is less important — Malauzai just wants someone with at least one year of relevant experience and a history of developing Android apps. Those interested in applying will need a deep understanding of the Java language and Android fundamentals, along with strong debugging and troubleshooting skills.


What they do: PostUp’s marketing solutions help businesses increase their open rates on email blasts through unique branded messaging and social media integrations. The company works with media, publishing, direct marketers, gaming, retail and e-commerce and lead generation businesses.

Open job: Software engineer - Java 

What they are looking for: In addition to five years experience in software development and firm command over Java, this person will need the ability to work well both independently and in a team amid short, overlapping release cycles. Applicants should have awesome written and verbal communication skills on top of experience writing complex database-driven applications.


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