The big to do: Find out what a senior QA analyst does all day at Peddle

July 11, 2017

peddle evan 3.jpg

We're taking a look at the to do lists of tech professionals across Austin to learn what it’s really like to do their jobs.

Evan Niedojadlo, a senior QA analyst at Peddle, recently showed us some items on his long sprint list. He leads the test automation team at the startup.

WHERE I WORK: Peddle is a modern car buying service that makes selling any car fast, easy and awesome. We were founded in 2004 as Junk my Car and became Peddle in 2012. We currently employ about 50 Peddlers total, both here at our Austin HQ and remotely across the country.


  • Refactor existing tests so that Slack API posts match our Trello cards for organization (using Python).

  • Review/merge the latest refactored tests (using page object design).

  • Review current CI pipeline, build out continuous testing portion (we currently use nightly tests).

  • Give one of our directors a status update on test automaton project, then plan new tests within JIRA and begin developing them. I’ll also delegating some of the work!

  • Finalize integration of Python static analysis tool on our Github repo, where our test automation project is maintained.

  • Conduct call with offshore team (these calls, plus Slack, allows us to be in constant communication).

WHY I LOVE IT: I enjoy leading our test automation and DevOps practices and working to minimize the quality feedback loop so that it's instantaneous rather than a process bottleneck.

HOW I TACKLE MY SPRINT LIST: I stay on top of the industry. Learning how to learn is an enormous part of what I do in my day-to-day. In other words, I need to learn just enough to accomplish specific tasks when adopting new technologies rather than getting bogged down with trying to learn everything.

HOW I CELEBRATE A JOB WELL DONE: I go for a hike on the local trails. There a many parks and nature preserves nearby, so I get out when I have time to appreciate all of it.

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