‘Downright Joyous’: How Moov Financial Affords This Content Writer the Space to Love His Work

On a small but mighty marketing team, Moov Financial Senior Content Writer Henry Kivett has the chance to own the creative process. Built In sat down with him to learn more.

Written by Jenny Lyons-Cunha
Published on May. 16, 2023
‘Downright Joyous’: How Moov Financial Affords This Content Writer the Space to Love His Work
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 “Writing is a labor of love,” novelist Alice Childress once famously said. The sentiment is proven — but finding the space to nurture the creative process in the tech landscape can be rare. 

At Moov Financial, Senior Content Writer Henry Kivett has been afforded the space for this labor of love — and then some. The creative process is his to own, from start to finish.

“Each piece of writing feels a little like one of my kids going out into the world,” he told Built In. “Because I’m involved from ideation through final edits, it’s extremely gratifying to see our audience embrace what we publish.”  

As one piece of Moov Financial’s compact marketing team, Kivett has found there is always plenty to do. He is trusted to own and build everything from the content calendar to strategy. 

Fortunately, Kivett has found his creative endeavors backed with plenty of support and community, during onboarding and beyond.

“We have virtual coffee breaks between Moovers just to get to know each other,” he said. “As a somewhat introverted writer, it would be very easy for me to feel like a freelancer — but I immediately felt like an integral and appreciated part of both my team and the company.”



Moov Financial is a payments platform making it easy to accept, store, send and spend money all from a single, elegantly designed API. To support Moov’s mission, Kivett is responsible for writing and editing various marketing materials, blogs, website content, social media and more. “I also help develop content ideas and strategy, interview subject matter experts, manage our content calendar and collaborate with amazing people on fun projects like events and swag selection,” he told Built In.


What was the onboarding process like for you? 

In my past experience, onboarding tends to be heavy on HR checkboxes and mission statements but light on details specific to the new hire’s actual role. You end up learning by doing and it takes a while to feel like you’re up to speed. Moov checked all the boxes — in fact, the company has a comprehensive checklist visible to everyone involved to make sure new hires have access to everything they need.

But the best part of my onboarding was that my manager had put together a ton of resources, links and guides that were specific to my role. She put a lot of time and thought into what I would need to jump in quickly and add value. I never felt lost, and that’s pretty rare.


What pleasantly surprised you after you joined Moov Financial?

I was amazed at how close everyone felt. Even though Moov is fully remote, we still communicate and collaborate regularly and effectively. Our Slack channels are always buzzing with everything from weekly virtual “stand-ups” to pictures of our pets.


Moov financial team
Moov Financial


When did you know you made the right choice in joining your company?

A couple of weeks into my Moov life, I found myself sharing happy tears with a coworker. While I was helping write her story about how she came to work at Moov, she reiterated how Moov prioritizes people, shares knowledge and empowers us to be our best, truest selves. It’s unique and it makes my work downright joyous. 

This wasn’t a fluke or a one-time thing. We all feel like we can “come as we are,” and be ourselves — because Moov isn’t only concerned with hiring for skill sets. Although we have lots of extremely talented folks here, they’re interested in hiring the whole person and all the unique points of view that we each bring to the table. 

Moov Financial is interested in hiring the whole person and the unique points of view we each bring to the table.” 


There was also a funny moment — let’s call it an omen — when I was leaving my house to return my previous employer’s laptop. With Mac in hand, I opened the door and standing there, about to ring the bell, was the UPS guy with my new Moov laptop. That kind of timing could be a coincidence, but it could also be the universe telling me I was on the right path.


Moov Financial team members sit on bench posing for photo
Moov Financial


How have you hit the ground running since you joined and what are you most excited to accomplish over the next quarter or year?

I help plan and promote our annual conference. I get to write content for many different deliverables. I can’t wait to see all the amazing projects we’ve been planning come to life. 

I’m also super excited to help plan our fintech_devcon conference. I didn’t get to help out with events in my prior roles. This conference is unique because it’s all about sharing knowledge, not selling products — and getting to help plan something so impactful for the fintech community is truly rewarding.


What aspect of your professional growth are you most excited to evolve?

Moov is a startup, which means we wear a lot of hats and get to work on new projects outside our comfort zones. I’m building new skills, and I get to meet with coworkers to capture their expertise. I love that I get to write, but also support and mentor other storytellers. 

I love that I get to write, but also support and mentor other storytellers.”


Another thing I value is getting to weigh in and collaborate on everything marketing touches. I’m not forced to live in the content silo. And the best part is that career growth is a constant conversation at Moov. You get a voice in deciding what your role will look like over time and how to best fit your gifts and aspirations into Moov’s needs and culture. I couldn’t be more excited to be where I am now, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the road ahead.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Moov Financial.

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