5 Tips to Efficiently Load A Cheap Dumpster Rental

by Emma Bonney
August 5, 2019

If you are planning on moving, redecorating, repairing or renovating your place any time soon, one of the biggest things you must be worrying about is dealing with all the piles of stuff. It is simply impossible to just toss everything outdoors for the while, especially in the heat of Texas. Instead its best to sort all your stuff, be it the belongings of your house or the construction material, into giant dumpster bins. It is quite easy to rent a dumpster in Austin TX, for the time being to help manage. Here are some tips to efficiently load a rental dumpster to make the best use of it.

Sort into categories for easy storage

Before loading into the dumpster make sure you sort all of your stuff into categories so that you can load similar things together. This makes it easier to retrieve your stuff as and when needed without going through every dumpster to find the necessary thing. If necessary, label everything with categories so that you can store and retrieve more effectively.

Convert bulky pieces into smaller size

Bulky, especially larger oddly shaped pieces will take up a lot of precious space. Since you are paying for space it is a good idea to make the best use of it. Convert your bulky items into smaller pieces as much as possible to load more into the same space. Break down odd chunks of concrete, flatten cardboard boxes, fold any foldable furniture, dismantle anything that can be reassembled to make more space.

Use your Tetris skills to fit more

Make the best use of odd unused spaces inside your dumpster instead of letting it go to waste. Look for smaller items that can fit into odd spaces. Stuff squishy and flexible items in the gaps instead of letting the space go to waste. If you have any boxes or containers that cannot be flattened into a sheet, fill them up with smaller stuff to utilise the space as well as to keep everything together.

Do not overfill the dumpster

While it is great to make the best use of all the space available, do not overfill the dumpster more than its capacity either. Often, they will refuse to move the dumpster if it is overfilled and its contents are spilling over the edges. Moreover, forcing more things can cause damage to the dumpster as well, and you will be charged for any damages.

Distribute the weight evenly

For an efficient handling, stacking and storage make sure that the weight is distributed evenly in every dumpster. Uneven distribution of weight can cause the entire thing to topple over and fall, sometimes even dragging down everything else around it too. Make sure to segregate the heavier ones and store them at the bottom.

Once you handle all the unnecessary materials around, you can easily manage your renovation or moving without worrying abound handling all the stuff. With your house and driveway being clean and not cluttered, you will be able to get your work done quicker.

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