Plan Your Presentation Before You Start. Guest Blog by Dave Paradi

by Ben Clark
November 17, 2014
Don’t start your presentation in Lumo
If you are going to use Lumo to create a presentation, don’t start by signing in to the Lumo website. If that sounds a little strange, let me explain.
Before you use any software to create slides, whether it is Lumo or any other software, start by planning your presentation on paper. Why? Because if you start in the software, you will probably start focusing on all the features and options you can use, and not focus on the message you want to deliver. By stepping away from the computer, you can create a clear message for your audience.
I suggest you use a GPS approach as I wrote in this article. Like a GPS, you start with clearly defining your destination, the place you want your audience to be at the end of the presentation. Then you analyze the audience to determine where they are now – who will be there, what do they know about the topic, and what they expect from your presentation. This is like the GPS determining where you are from satellite data. Finally, like a GPS, figure out the best route to get the audience to the desired destination from where they are now.
Because Lumo allows you to easily add non-linear flow to your presentation, it is even more important to map out your presentation on paper first. This will allow you to determine up front what alternate paths you think the audience will want to travel. Also think of what additional information the audience may want to see if they have a question and use the web link capability of Lumo to direct the audience to your website for more in-depth answers.
Once you have planned your presentation on paper, you can start using the software. Now you can focus just on using the tools to create exactly what you have planned out. You won’t get distracted by the features or options you see in the tool, because you know exactly what you need to create for your audience.
Before you start creating the slides for your next presentation, plan your message on paper. You will save time in the end and create a more effective presentation.
About the Author
Dave Paradi has been recognized by the media and his clients as a presentation expert. He has authored seven books and four Kindle e-books on effective PowerPoint presentations. Dave is one of only thirteen people in North America to be recognized by Microsoft with the PowerPoint Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions to the PowerPoint presentation community. Learn more at his website

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