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Intro to Mobile Web Accessibility Testing & Development

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Nov 9
08:30 AM - 04:30 PM

In this one-day introduction to mobile accessibility workshop, attendees will learn Mobile Web Accessibility, How to Test with Mobile Screen Readers, JavaScript/HTML5/WAI-ARIA/CSS3 Mobile Accessibility Techniques, Mobile Frameworks, Responsive Web Design, Mobile Accessibility Testing Tools, and an Introduction to Native iOS and Android Accessibility Testing.

Workshop format is structured to progress from the basics of mobile HTML accessibility through manual screen reader testing, testing of before and after demos of JavaScript/WAI-ARIA forms and widgets, to HTML5 accessibility, and introduction to Native iOS and Android Accessibility Testing.

Attendees should bring iOS and Android devices along with their laptops and headphones as there will be hands-on mobile accessibility testing group projects.

There will be group accessibility testing and development projects to encourage collaboration and networking among attendees. Group projects will include testing mobile websites for accessibility problems, creating a simple report of issues, comparing test findings with group partners, brainstorming recommendations to fix accessibility issues, and sharing results with the class to prompt discussion.