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Software Engineer

| Austin
In order to be eligible, please build your Code Pilot portfolio at: https://portfolio.mycodepilot.com
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Code Pilot is replacing the crusty old resume with a data science based portfolio for engineers, and we’re looking for a Software Engineer to join the family of our hiring partners.

What will keep you challenged?

  • Participate in the entire development process from planning the architecture to quality assurance and implementation of the platform

  • Promote the design and development of new innovative features from the technical side

  • Develop your own ideas for code and process improvements

  • Assure the quality of the application through regular code reviews

  • Share and expand your knowledge by exchanging information with our network of developers about backend best practices

  • Support the integration of relevant new technologies

Which traits contribute to your success?

  • Passion - for software development (algorithms, design patterns, clean code, agile processes, data structures)

  • Humility - Outstanding engineers display inverse proportions of talent to humility. 

  • Mission Oriented - A dogged commitment to getting the job done is crucial.

  • Highly Competent - Software Engineering at the top level requires highly motivated individuals who are constantly learning and adapting.

  • Highly Adaptive - Mike Tyson said it best, “Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.” Developing software at the top level requires incredibly adaptability and agility. Nothing ever goes the way you want, and anything valuable probably doesn’t exist the way you want it. 

  • Ship or Quit - High performance software teams have one unifying quality, they ship, a lot. So if you’re a fellow Ship talker, you’ll fit right in.

Some technologies you will be working with:

  • Docker, Gitlab, Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript, MongoDB, Relational and noSQL, AWS

Why Code Pilot?

Code Pilot is a new startup and relatively unheard of. We’re currently 3 people, all co-founders, based in Austin, TX. Given the rigor and process we adopt to hire engineers, you might be asking yourself, why invest your time and effort to simply apply?

We’re hoping if you’ve reached this part of the posting, you’ve already noticed the care and attention we’ve invested in how we hire engineers. We’re not interested in the instant gratification someone can provide by being able to “code”, and frankly, as an engineer who is passionate about the craft, you shouldn’t be either. We’re passionate about the discipline of engineering, and what it takes to develop world class engineers. To that end, we don’t care if you’ve got 1 year or 20 years experience, we don’t care if you went to MIT or are self-taught, hell, we don’t care if your favorite programming language is Ruby (although we will help you forget everything you know about it pretty quickly). What we care about is your insatiable desire to be pressure tested in a credible engineering environment that brings out your best.

Who is Code Pilot?

Code Pilot is an outlaw collective of seasoned and successful misfits. Founded by Dave LemphersCaleb Jones and Cara McCarty, they bring together global experience building world class products at Enterprise companies and startups alike. Dave runs engineering, and was part of the core team that shipped the first release of Windows Azure @ Microsoft, ran Cloud Computing @ PwC, has sold multiple startups, holds 4 patents on data science, and in addition to being a co-founder and CEO @ Code Pilot, also serves as a Program CTO for Techstars.

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In order to be eligible, please build your Code Pilot portfolio at: https://portfolio.mycodepilot.com
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In order to be eligible, please build your Code Pilot portfolio at: https://portfolio.mycodepilot.com
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