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Strategic Digital Marketing Hire for Fast-Growing Pet Brand

| Austin

What are your life goals? What do you want to accomplish in life, so that when you look back, you can say you spent your time well?

We are looking for a strategic marketing hire at PetHonesty (more info on us below). If we hire you, we don’t just want you to help accomplish our goals; We want to help you accomplish YOUR goals as well. The rewards will be tremendous: professional/personal development, a work environment that you love and being a key player in growing a company that is exploding with growth.

If that sounds good to you, keep reading :) 

Do you love:

  • Taking Action (instead of waiting to be told what to do)?
  • Being a vital asset to a company, not just a “cog” in a machine?
  • Having autonomy to make improvements without needing bureaucratic approval?
  • Personal Development?
  • Constantly learning new things and being challenged?
  • Juggling dozens of different tasks, prioritizing what to focus on?
  • Managing teams and projects?
  • Working under pressure and with fast turn-arounds?
  • Pushing your limits, striving for big goals?
  • Making a big impact on millions of lives?
  • Being a part of a growing company with evolving roles?
  • Freedom?
  • Software and automation?
  • Funnels: upsells, downsells, subscriptions--implementing it all and testing?
  • Strategizing and thinking on ways to bring more value to customers and increase LTV?
  • Numbers, metrics and measuring results in quantifiable ways?
  • Dogs!!!?

If you’re screaming “that’s me!” then keep reading..

At Pethonesty, we truly believe that life is better with a dog around! We’re on a mission to help others improve their dog’s quality of life and the time they get to spend with them, while helping other dogs in need.

As an online brand in the pet health/nutrition space, we’re passionate about serving our customers and their fur babies. Our goal is to help 10 million dogs by 2024. With an audacious goal like that, we need to hire a few superstars - that could be you :)


Our Culture

HUNGER: We are passionate about our work, and we work hard. We are always looking for more things to learn, more responsibility to take on, and ways we can improve the company. We are not slackers.

HUMBLE: No big egos here. We are humbly confident! We care about the performance of the team, and always put the team ahead of self. We also don’t discount our own abilities (false humility)

SMART. We are aware and considerate of those we work with. We listen first and ask good questions. We firmly believe in the Golden Rule, and treat each other, our customers, and our vendors with the utmost respect.

A FUN-LOVING, MISSIONAL SIDE. Working hard is great, but we also take time to just enjoy life and help others do the same! We like to laugh, go to happy hours, and just have fun. We believe business success is only secondary to (and dependant on!) healthy relationships and healthy emotional, mental, physical and spiritual lives.

Your Role
As we continue to grow, we’re looking for a key player to be our marketing operations manager. This person will oversee the implementation of new product funnels/website sales, and grow into overseeing all sales on our website. Think of this as being an internal entrepreneur...without the downside :)

This person will learn the ins and outs of our business, and will be working with and managing world-class team members for various roles--if you don’t have experience with something, you’ll either learn it or manage someone to implement it. You’ll be working with our close-knit team at the downtown WeWork in Austin, where we work and play hard.

Responsibilities Include (but aren’t limited to)

  • Create product funnels: oversees landing page, upsells, subscriptions etc
  • Integrate and set up automation for various software, including chatbots, retargeting ads, email, Shopify apps etc.
  • Oversee smooth website sales, implementing new apps, review software, email marketing etc
  • Drives funnel revenue via constant split testing, architecting ways to increase LTV
  • Oversees various initiatives, to include standing up a CRM.
  • Implementing analytics for all campaigns, funnels etc


We’re putting all the right pieces in place to continue growing PetHonesty. We’ve partnered with industry-leaders in customer funnel-building, website design, paid traffic campaigns. We have the direction established for our brand, but need someone to lead our marketing ops.

Their performance will be directly measured by KPIs and a hard look at monthly P&Ls.

This is a unique opportunity to work closely with and be mentored by two entrepreneurs who have built multiple successful ecommerce companies (and sold/exited one already).

It’s ideal for a hungry, go-getter entrepreneurially-leaning person who wants to learn A LOT, and desires a good challenge + opportunity to prove themselves. This person needs to be an implementer and good at juggling a variety of tasks and projects.


To be a good fit for this job, you must be:

  • Hungry, scrappy, a go-getter: put in the time/effort until task is done, owning your “work zone” like it's your baby
  • Persistent: obstacles don’t stop you. You keep pushing until you break through.
  • Curious
  • Team player: care about others. Self-aware and always improving.
  • Leadership-potential: can hire and lead others
  • Good Project Manager
  • Deadline-conscious and a great communicator
  • An action taker when you see a need
  • Data-driven: you don’t just rely on how things look or “feel” but analyze success based on numbers and metrics
  • Systems thinker
  • Competitive: willing to go toe-to-toe with larger corporations online and WIN

You must love:

  • Experimentation and Split testing
  • Psychology and getting in the customer’s head
  • New technology and growth hacking: you’re excited to implement the latest and greatest--chat bots, text marketing, Zapier, Shopify apps etc
  • Making different software work together and trouble-shooting when necessary
  • Finding and implementing new best practices, strategies, apps by devouring podcasts, masterminds, attending conferences etc

You Must Have:

  • Experience with creating from-scratch funnels on a website that did $100k/month in sales (or grew website sales by $100k/month)
  • Experience setting up lots of software automations, and integrating various software to all work seamlessly together. Experience with a CRM.
  • Experience setting up and analyzing lots of data
  • Experience leading a small team (bonus if you’ve hired others)
  • A strong bias towards execution: you get things done. You love working independently and thrive with freedom and flexibility. You don’t need hand-holding.
  • Experience in and obsession with ecommerce and physical products. You should be familiar with most best practices and keep up with industry trends--you probably have a favorite ecommerce-centric podcast.



We offer great flexibility: work from home when you want, choose your hours. All we care about is that you are:

1) PASSIONATE/Love what you’re doing and

2) Deliver killer results!



Competitive salary, with lots of upsides in the form of bonuses and possible profit sharing.


Note: This isn't a "normal" job, and isn't for everyone. This is the opportunity to make a massive impact at a quickly growing ecommerce startup, where you'll be an entrepreneur, but without the downside. If this excites you, please apply!

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