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CXL is a data and research focused company. We're looking for a new head of growth that's data savvy and data/analytics driven, preferably with strong SaaS / subscription experience. Data orchestration, rapid experimentation and speed of implementation is your modus operandi. 

We’re a small business on paper (around 35 people and ~$5MM in revenue), but with a big impact. We punch above our weight. 

Since our inception in 2011 we’ve made a name for ourselves as the top resource for conversion optimization expertise. We started out as an agency, and launched CXL Institute in 2016. Our agency arm in the best shape ever, working with exciting brands to help them scale growth. In just 3 short years CXL Institute has built a reputation as the destination for data-driven marketing training. We run 2 world class conferences each year - CXL Live and Elite Camp. 

We’re self-funded, profitable, and have been growing every single year around 30-40%. We’re proud of that, but we want to grow faster. 

We deliver known quality, and have a strong brand - among those who know us. There are a lot of fans out there. 

Yet, awareness is a challenge for us. We should be bigger than we are. More people should know about us. When companies consider online training providers, we’re often not among the names considered - since they don’t know about us, nor how our offering is superior. 

What’s been working for us in marketing is content / SEO and our email list. We need to double down on what’s working AND we need to build out new repeatable acquisition channels. We’ve dabbled with paid acquisition, account based marketing and other stuff, but we can do much better. 

We need to show up better in places where potential customers hang out, we need to do better to get the word out, and do more effective brand positioning. 

We need a well thought-out marketing strategy, strong direct response marketing to get more leads, and savvy execution. 

Sea of sameness is everywhere around us. Most companies say the exact same things about themselves, and run similar ads. We’re not looking for a cookie-cutter approach. We want to be different, bold, even outrageous, smart  about creating awareness, prompting consideration, and driving conversion.

Challenge #2: retention. CXL Institute is kind of like a gym. Just buying a gym membership doesn't make your muscles bigger. You need to go in, and lift weights.

Same with CXL Institute. Subscription alone won't improve people's skills. They need to dedicate time for learning. A lot of folks don't put learning on their calendar, there's a lack of accountability. We need better onboarding processes, and do what it takes to improve customer retention.

Challenge #3: referrals and word of mouth. We have not put in place a proactive system to generate WOM and referrals. We have an affiliate program, but it needs attention.

We need to run a lot of experiments.

If this sounds like the kind of challenges you’d love, we want to talk to you. 


You will own our growth strategy, and its execution. You will work all growth levers - not just more traffic or better conversions.

Your key metrics are revenue and profit generated through marketing AND retention/churn. We don’t care about vanity metrics.

You will have a team to work with (2 content people, marketing specialist and a growth engineer as your direct reports + shared design resources), but we expect you to be hands-on yourself as well. You bring senior level skills and experience, and lead by example. 

You need to be resourceful. We don’t have a huge ad budget - but constraints are great fuel for creativity. You’ll get support and resources from your team and the CEO to execute on good ideas. We’re always down to run experiments. 

Fundamentally, we need to bring more qualified people to the front of the funnel by increasing awareness, and then convert them - while measuring everything. 

In addition to strategy work, you’ll focus on practical day-to-day work like campaign planning and execution, working with external agencies, creating partnerships, finding distribution partners, identifying opportunities in our analytics.You’ll also be expected to regularly detail progress, setbacks, and marketing insights for the whole company.

Because we are innovating and growing so aggressively, it feels like a startup, where wearing many hats comes with the territory. This keeps us sharp and makes sure there’s never a dull day. 

We absolutely believe the right person  can point us in the right direction, guide us, come up with campaigns, be resourceful enough to get them produced, manage the process, study the results, course correct, revamp, and try more things. 

We’re a small company, and a single person can have a huge impact here. We’ll also make sure we help you achieve your personal goals and career objectives along the way. We are here to support you.


  • Identify and test new customer acquisition opportunities.
  • Identify opportunities and run experiments to increase customer retention.
  • Develop and execute a demand generation strategy that drives qualified leads for our CRO agency / managed services.
  •  Set up and optimize campaigns across multiple platforms, including search, display, social, email, video, and mobile formats to drive sales.
  • Work to understand "must have" customer value, and work to bring more of the right customers to this experience.
  • Run as many experiments as we have bandwidth for.
  • Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns. 
  • Craft relevant deals and partnerships to speed up our growth.
  • Work with and manage other growth specialists in the team.
  • Work with our product team to make CXL Institute the go-to place in the world for data-driven marketing training
  • Do what it takes to move the needle


We're looking for someone who's been there. You've grown lead volume and customer base for a B2B (subscription) product. You’re hungry for more. You want to be able to tell the story of your next success. 

You're highly proactive, can generate tons of ideas, and can get them done. You value execution speed and experimentation. You’re technical. 

You have a voice and an opinion. You generate content - maybe you like to write, or be on camera, whatever is your jam.

You get all aspects of marketing - direct response, conversion optimization, you know good copy, understand growth loops, and intent based marketing. 

You’re really good at what you do, and can demonstrate it. 

You’ll report directly to the CEO.

Desired background and skill set:

- You've scaled traffic, experimented with marketing funnels and customer acquisition channels to find profitable ways to grow faster
- Expert at paid acquisition (Google Ads, Facebook etc) and SEO, strong content marketing experience
- Experienced in business development. You love talking to people. You love picking up the phone and calling people, crafting deals
- You know how mid to large enterprises operate and make decisions; you’ve sold to enterprises before
- You’re highly organized – you do your research, take notes, document everything
- You have excellent presentation skills
- Passion for measurement / reporting / analytics – you like to measure the results of each action. Advanced analytics skills


The starting salary for this position is in the range of  $100,000 - $130,000. 

We don’t overwork people, it’s a 40 hour work week. This is an in-office position, based in Austin, TX. 

You get a fun, driven team of colleagues to work with. 

  • Health insurance reimbursement
  • 28 paid vacation days - plenty of time to sharpen the saw
  • In-office gym - sound body, sound mind
  • All-you-can-learn from CXL Institute: full access to all courses - we’re an education business after all
  • Monthly team events and dinners - fun is a serious business
  • Unlimited sick leave - stay home, get well
  • Flex hours - we care about shipping, not when you’re at the office

Our core values as a company


  • Caring. We care more. We give a shit. We see people behind numbers. We do what it takes to help our customers achieve their goals. We go the extra mile. We care about each other. We have trust, honesty and respect.
  • Excellence. Everything we do is high quality. Anything worth doing will take time, attention and planning. If we’re gonna do something, it’s either all-in or we don’t do it. We don’t half-ass it, we always full ass everything.
  • Learning. We’re ever-evolving, always striving to become better versions of ourselves. We invest in our growth, we put in the work, we show up. We don’t have dogmas, we’re willing to change our minds and change course in light of new evidence.
  • Speed. Actions speak louder than words, action now matters even more. We don’t dilly-dally, we decide. Instead of talking about something 10 times, we get into it. Do now rather than later. When you do something, at least then we have something to talk about. We always ask, what’s the best use of my time right now?
  • Proactivity. We take responsibility. We’re change-oriented. Initiative and anticipatory action are king. If we see that something is broken, we fix it. We own it. We have integrity, we do what we say.
  • Fun. Fun is a serious business at CXL. We make sure we’re enjoying the process while chipping away at the dream. We take breaks to recharge and enjoy the moment.
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