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Marketing Manager, Lead Gen & Analytics

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Sourced Craft Cocktails Company Overview:

The alcohol distribution world is a $23 BILLION industry that hasn’t changed in 86 years – until now. Sourced Craft Cocktails is an innovative, high growth experience company that has literally invented a new channel in the alcohol industry, the Non-Premise Channel.

At Sourced, we craft cocktail experiences for moments that matter to our clients. By sourcing EVERYTHING, we’re able to create the highest level of craft cocktail experiences and deliver it from your phone to your door. By creating the Non Premise channel – physical buildings that are currently unlicensed (office buildings, consumer’s homes, etc) we’ve tapped into a whole new market.

With over 70% YOY growth in 2018, we’re expanding our Enterprise Sales Team to better serve existing clients, respond faster to organic leads, and develop and nurture new client relationships. To do this, we’re looking for a Marketing Manager to drive Lead Generation and create/monitor an analytics funnel for our sellers.

At Sourced, our North Star is to be of service to our clients and it is why we get out of bed every day. Our number one priority is to deliver great experiences for our consumers and business clients. We are looking for someone that shares our enthusiasm for: a) being of service to others in making their lives and businesses more fun, interactive, educational and successful; and b) doing it at time periods (their brand launch!) that actually matter.

Job Title: Marketing Manager, Lead Gen & Analytics

Start Date: Immediately

Core Responsibility:

This is an exciting role as it is the first outbound marketing role for the company, as which this person will have a lot of input/influence on what is tested, what the KPIs are to measure success, and ultimately what works/proceeds.

This is a critical role for the company as you will be responsible for filling our sales team’s pipeline by driving qualified leads for our Enterprise Salespeople by targeting Office Managers, Event Planners, and Executive Assistants at Tech, Services (Banking, VC, Legal, etc), Real Estate, and Retail companies.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Drive 400 qualified leads per month to Enterprise Sales team and monitor the effectiveness of different campaigns.

  • Work with the VP of Sales & Marketing and CEO to be able to answer the following 4 questions 90 days after starting:

    1. Cost per Sales qualified Lead

    2. Conversion rate to first deal

    3. Repeatability rate of each client and how fast we can influence that repeat purchase

    4. Lifetime Value of the Client

  • Based on the answers to the 90 day pilot in Austin and Dallas, the Marketing Manager will then build and execute a strategic comprehensive 7 market lead generation campaign.

  • Work with the VP of Sales & Marketing, as well as our Creative Director to lead A/B campaign testing primarily in online and some offline mediums.

  • Execute Sourced’s relationships with key partners like PR agencies, media companies, etc.

  • Complete ownership of the development, data population, and strategic recommendation around our 4 KPIs: CPL,(Cost per Qualified Lead x channel; Conversion rate x channel; Repeatability and time to next sale x channel; and Lifetime Value of Non Premise account).

  • After experiences are delivered, our Operations team will feed the Marketing Manager the yield reports. These reports will provide real-time, market specific consumption data. Marketing Manager will use this to develop two things:

    1. Sourced Platform Report – a monthly report to the alcohol industry we’ll publish that demonstrates this real-time consumption behavior.

    2. Inform Sourced Product – based on the actual consumption data, Marketing Manager will educate Sourced Mixologist Network what is most popular for next month’s recipe creation.

Job Requirements:

  • On job marketing skills with specific focus in lead generation/enterprise businesses and analytical informed spending.

  • Expert in HubSpot Marketing products – our entire CRM and lead generation will run through Hubspot.

  • Existing knowledge of how to market/tools to use specifically to Office Managers, Event Planners, and/or Executive Assistants is a bonus.

  • Ability to communicate, have fun with co-workers, and lead other employees and partners.

  • College graduate

  • Experience in the service industry, particularly in bartending, is a plus.

  • ABC Certification is a plus– Sourced will reimburse for the time and course fee if you aren’t already certified.

Compensation & Benefits:

  • This is a full time, at-will employee role that will pay an annual base salary of $80,000, plus bonus eligibility.

  • As a full time employee, you will be eligible 60 days after starting to enroll in our competitive health care program. We offer health care coverage and dental/vision from Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

  • Company Card & Expense Account

  • Open Vacation Policy

Other Important Things:

  • We operate under an employee handbook called the “ 3 Ts”: Trust, Transparency, and Tenacity...that is who we are and how we ACT...and we’ll expect the same of you. We don’t do drama. We don’t do office politics. We simply don’t have time for it.

  • We love what we do and view “busy” as a blessing. The more opportunities we can truly be of service the better! We’re a late stage start up so if you are looking for a fast paced environment where you’ll have a huge impact on the future success of the business...this is it! Added bonus is we’re innovating the alcohol industry so it sure is a heck of a lot more fun than software in our opinion. ☺

  • We don’t have a “normal” work schedule – there will be all day events or late night events on average 3x per week. Because our customer dictates our schedule, we are super flexible with work hours. However, we will need employees to be super flexible, as well.

  • For major events, such as large music festivals, travel will be required and entertainment of your clients will be an opportunity you should relish.
    We will require you to sign and adhere to a policy on the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the job, which in short states, that we are not at the brand event as guests. We’re there to be of service to our clients and their guests and as such we do NOT drink or use drugs while on the job.

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