Brigid Hogan
Staff Writer at Built In

Brigid Hogan is a staff writer at Built In. Hogan joined Built In after working in communications consulting, publishing operations and as a public high school teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, both from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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Huntress’ founders dreamt of a security solution that could clearly distinguish the good from the bad — and they brought that vision to life, cultivating a culture of innovation along the way.
At the core of the consulting firm’s transformative work is an unwavering commitment to DEI, embedded in everything from supply chain management to employee-led business resource groups.
One leader shares how the company fosters an encouraging culture that allows every employee to bring their best self to work.
The series of global events offers a unique opportunity for distributed teams to reconnect, strengthen team bonds and celebrate their achievements. Built In discovered the power of the event from the perspective of three ServiceNow team members.
Screenshot of Dropbox Dash
Avoid the productivity bottleneck of sorting through tabs, files and emails: Dropbox Dash offers an efficient way to navigate an array of cross-platform tools. Built In learned more about how a cross-functional team brought the product to life.
Illustration of a digital hand touching a tech-connected future.
For over a decade, Cox Communications has been improving internet access for underserved communities nationwide, closing the digital divide through affordable connectivity. Built In connected with Cox team members to learn more.
Connecting Frontline Workers in Times of Crisis
Zello offers mission critical solutions exactly when connection is needed most.
Orchard employees work on a whiteboard
Orchard isn’t only helping clients build real estate equity — the company is also supporting its team to develop career equity through training, support and opportunities for advancement.
Braze staff celebrating at Nasdaq
Braze’s come-as-you-are “experience agnostic” approach to tech hiring encourages candidates to showcase the skills they can bring to help the company grow.
Panel of women speaking
While Aristocrat Gaming imagines a “frictionless experience” for the future of gaming, its collaborative culture already smoothly supports women advancing within the company.
A flat lay photo of clean white storage objects
Honing pipeline management skills is critical for any salesperson’s success. Built In Austin heard from a Lendflow account executive about how he keeps his pipeline ready for anything.
Concept photo of a five star rating with a hand selecting one star
Customer success has evolved to encompass much more than client onboarding. Apty and BigCommerce share the future of their approach to CS and how their teams are building a thriving and sustainable business.