Brigid Hogan
Staff Writer at Built In

Brigid Hogan is a staff writer at Built In. Hogan joined Built In after working in communications consulting, publishing operations and as a public high school teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction, both from the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

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Concept photo of a five star rating with a hand selecting one star
Dec 12, 2022
Customer success has evolved to encompass much more than client onboarding. Apty and BigCommerce share the future of their approach to CS and how their teams are building a thriving and sustainable business.
An illustration of many people at work in a busy open office
Dec 07, 2022
The Office’s Michael Scott may not be a good manager, but he’s great in sales. Built In Austin has lessons from Dunder Mifflin — and three local leaders — on how to succeed as part of a sales team.
Moov employees hold a flag with the company logo on top of a mountain.
Oct 20, 2022
“I will judge my success at Moov based on the experiences of my employees,” Co-founder and CEO Wade Arnold wrote. Three Moovers shared what that mission looks like in action.
Austin companies to watch this fall image
Sep 30, 2022
From fast-growing startups to established firms with hefty benefits, here’s a rundown of Austin’s most noteworthy people-first organizations to keep an eye on.
ATX sculpture sign
Sep 02, 2022
Times might be looking tight for some across the sector, but these local companies are continuing to grow.
Austin skyline at night
Jul 25, 2022
This summer is ripe with opportunities — we spoke with local leaders at growing companies about who they’re looking to hire now.
Illustration of people connecting through video conferencing
Jul 22, 2022
Three Austin companies share how they foster company culture in a virtual-first environment — and offer tips and tools that more teams can adopt.
Young woman wearing glasses and holding a laptop with her hand by her mouth like she's telling a secret
Jul 15, 2022
Cross-functional teams are helping designers, engineers and product managers build streamlined creative processes.
Silicon Wafer with microchips used in electronics for the fabrication of integrated circuits.
Jun 07, 2022
The tight-knit team at this Southwest startup has built a network that keeps the semiconductor industry moving forward.