Cathleen Draper
Staff Writer at Built In

Cathleen Draper is a Staff Writer for Built In’s Brand Studio. Before joining the Brand Studio team, she worked in nonprofit communications and journalism. Draper reported on voting rights, mental health, gender and equality, and arts and culture in Chicago; Madison, Wisconsin; and Buffalo, New York. 

A graduate of the University at Buffalo with a master’s degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Draper currently resides in Chicago. Her hobbies include reading, cooking and weaving.

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An illustration shows people sitting around bushes and leaves and talking to one another
Room to experiment, elevating voices and encouraging innovation are just a few of the ways two Austin engineering leaders build a successful team culture.
A graphic shows a man on a ladder analyzing a chart. His two colleages sit on the right side of the graphic and watch him
At Sysco LABS, data yields insights about where exactly to proceed on the product roadmap.
The Austin skyline
Industry professionals are finding new roles, especially at startups in the Lone Star State.
The closinglock team outside
Closinglock’s Sushma Zoellner fosters transparent communication so her team can problem solve and grow their careers.
Members of the CLEAR team ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange
Bringing its identity technology to broader applications in hospitality and travel, CLEAR’s vision for its future is driving growth and innovation among its team.
An illustration shows a new employee meeting new team members
As more companies take a hybrid approach to work, their HR and talent teams are tailoring the onboarding experience to meet new hires where they are.
The GetSales team poses for a group photo
Despite the down economy, things are looking up for GetSales. Founder and CEO Garrett Wood and two other leaders discuss how the company’s financial foundation and culture drive its rapid growth and help ‘lift the boats’ of partners and employees alike.
A graphic shows four employees on a rocket
To be truly mission-driven, organizations need both alignment and excitement.
The RealWork team poses in an office
Engineering leadership encourages team members to constantly explore roles typically outside their comfort zone.
MVF team photo on the office
Both off-the-cuff learning and structured career development opportunities allow MVF employees to constantly reach new heights.
Illustration of web design elements and tools coming out of a laptop screen
With a cross-functional and multidisciplinary approach to UX design and a reliance on customer feedback, flockx is building a product truly for its people.
illustration of customers and a salesperson telling about and offering the product
These four salespeople use a consultative approach to win customers and keep them coming back.