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Content Marketing Manager salary in Austin

Average Base Salary in Austin

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $80K
Min: $60K
Max: $104K

How Much Does a Content Marketing Manager Make in Austin?

The average salary for a Content Marketing Manager in Austin is $80,083. The average additional cash compensation for a Content Marketing Manager in Austin is $1,500. The average total compensation for a Content Marketing Manager in Austin is $81,583. Content Marketing Manager salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Austin from anonymous Content Marketing Manager employees in Austin.

Austin by the numbers

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Austin Companies with the Highest Content Salaries

Artificial Intelligence, Cloud
eCommerce, Software
Real Estate

Content Marketing Manager Salary ranges

Average Content Marketing Manager Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Content Marketing Manager make the most at companies with 201-500 employees, earning $87,500 on average.

Content Marketing Manager Salary by gender

The average Content Marketing Manager salary for women is $75,500 and the average Content Marketing Manager salary for men is $86,750.

Content Marketing Manager Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a Content Marketing Manager with 7+ years of experience is $92,333.

Average Content salaries in Austin

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
Editor $51,286
Min: $38K
Max: $80K
Copywriter $61,385
Min: $41K
Max: $85K
Content Manager $71,000
Min: $54K
Max: $100K
Technical Writer $75,250
Min: $41K
Max: $96K
Content Marketing Manager $80,083
Min: $60K
Max: $104K
Content Strategist $80,800
Min: $30K
Max: $120K
Senior Technical Writer $90,923
Min: $84K
Max: $98K

Content Marketing Manager jobs in Austin

Content Marketing Manager

4 days ago
As Adia’s Content Marketing Manager you will be accountable for all content marketing initiatives to drive traffic, engagement, and leads that deliver sales and worker acquisition, engagement, and retention. Your thoughtful and useful content will create an arsenal of engaging resources for both our workers and businesses. You’ll be the biggest fan of Adia and that will come through in the content that you produce be that video, blogs, webinars,

Content Specialist

1 week ago
As a Content Specialist on the team, you would be the voice for our local business customers located throughout the country -- crafting original content and posting it across social media. We work to connect local businesses with their customers as well as new potential customers online, and protect and enhance their online reputation by managing customer reviews on platforms like Yelp...

Content Design Intern

2 weeks ago
You'll be paired with a Senior Content Designer, who will act as your mentor throughout the program. Drawing from insights, messaging frameworks, and customer data, you’ll identify, investigate and validate content-design problems, and you'll observe customer testing that enables you to see the impact of your work on the products we design. This is a rare opportunity for someone pursuing a degree in Technical Writing, Information Design, English, Journalism, Linguistics, or Library Science to gain hands-on experience in content design for a leading global travel brand.

Senior Manager, Product Management, Programmatic Content and Media

2 weeks ago
In this role, you will oversee a team of global product managers focused on property and destination content, including UGC, structured attributes, photos and virtual tours. You will collaborate extensively with HomeAway and Expedia teams to discover opportunities for development and leverage of core services for content generation, classification, enrichment and localization. These content services will be leveraged by our Traveler and Partner experience teams to provide compelling customer journeys that drive conversion. This role encompasses product strategy, stakeholder alignment, roadmap development and delivery, team development, and individual contribution.

Content Marketing Manager

6 days ago
We’re looking for a strategic storyteller with the ability to turn technical concepts into relatable, relevant, human-focused content that can be creatively communicated via many different mediums - from written to highly visual. You will be joining the content team, part of Creative/Marketing. As a seasoned writer, editor and content marketing manager, you’ll be responsible for writing, planning and executing a content strategy informed by broader marketing and product launch campaigns. You’ll need to understand Duo’s many different personas and how to communicate to them effectively.

Content Marketing Manager

1 week ago
Spredfast+Lithium is looking for a Content Marketing Manager to assist with content marketing initiatives that directly impact the success of our fast-paced company. First and foremost, we need a talented writer and thorough editor. The main responsibilities of this role include developing, editing, and proofreading content of all types-from website copy to short-form blog posts to longform whitepapers to video scripts. We need a rare breed: a natural-born writer with a strong voice who can also prove their meticulous attention to detail. We also want someone curious about developing the strategic arm of any good content plan who demonstrates, above all, a sense of autonomy, warmth and flexibility. Because we sell software to help brands manage the digital customer experience, the ideal candidate will possess either a background or a natural fluency in in social media marketing and digital customer care alike.

Lead Writer & Content Creator

16 hours ago
As a passionate storyteller, the Lead Writer & Content Creator will partner with other functions of the Marketing team to write compelling assets across a variety of formats, all designed to contribute to and positively impact the entire business. The Lead Writer will help us tell stories about our product, our customers, and our market as we continually focus on improved product adoption, customer retention, and new customer growth. As one of the most exciting start-up companies in Austin, we’re focused on finding the best talent and building the best team to continue accelerating our rapid growth.

Content & SEO Marketing Specialist

4 days ago
Opcity is looking for a dynamic marketer who is excited about content creation, social media, branding and storytelling. As a key member of our lean marketing team, you’ll assist in all aspects of promoting our business and engaging our customers across multiple business lines. The Coordinator will play an important role in executing our 2019 marketing plans, with a heavy emphasis on events and content generation. We’re growing fast and need someone that doesn’t just keep up, but pushes us all forward.

Senior UX Content Strategist

1 week ago
We are looking for a Senior UX Content Strategist to collaborate with designers and product managers to drive the creative vision of our product’s verbal communication. You will create useful, meaningful text that encourages users to engage with our products by reducing friction in complex content and clarifying high-value experiences. In this role, you will help shape and carry the RMN “voice” throughout our products, meaning that you'll be

Senior Copywriter & Content Manager

1 week ago
As our Senior Copywriter, you will produce both short term and long term content with a focus on wit and humor to match our brand and bring even more creativity to A Cloud Guru! We have a ‘teach it to you like your 5’ simplicity and witty personality – both of which need to come across in all marketing touch points!

Customer Success Content Writer

1 week ago
Create and regularly improve high-quality external-facing content that supports Juniper Square’s customer base and business objectives. Present clear, concise and organized information in appropriate formats that helps answer customer questions. Leverage customer feedback and understand customer use cases to inform how to improve existing content and develop effective new content. Ensure consistency in vocabulary, tone, voice and quality across all types of documentation, whether the work of yourself or the work of others. Review, edit, and proofread materials written by others, as applicable. Collaborate with internal teams to effectively communicate key messages and project manage documentation publication to ensure on-time delivery.

Contract Content Strategist & Writer – Financial

1 week ago
This role requires a strong background in financial industries and able to write and contribute to a content strategy from an editorial (and preferably) economic POV. The ideal candidate would have a background in economic journalism or think pieces.

Skills that affect Content Marketing Manager salaries in Austin

Marketing Research & Strategy
6% have this skill
Lead Generation
6% have this skill
Audience Analytics
6% have this skill
Search Engine Optimization
6% have this skill
Community Management
6% have this skill
Social Media Marketing & Strategy
6% have this skill

Recent Content Marketing Manager salaries in Austin

Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $94,000
7+ Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $87,000
5-7 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $98,000 with +$3,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Senior Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $85,000
7+ Years of Experience
11-50 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $90,000
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $90,000
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $60,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $60,000
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $70,000
3-5 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Content Marketing Manager reported a yearly salary of $104,000
500+ Employees
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