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QA Analyst salary in Austin

Average Base Salary in Austin

Additional Cash Compensation
Total Compensation
Median: $68K
Min: $42K
Max: $103K

How Much Does a QA Analyst Make in Austin?

The average salary for a QA Analyst in Austin is $68,100. The average additional cash compensation for a QA Analyst in Austin is $6,083. The average total compensation for a QA Analyst in Austin is $74,183. QA Analyst salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In Austin from anonymous QA Analyst employees in Austin.

Austin by the numbers

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QA Analyst jobs in Austin

Associate Quality Automation Engineer

2 months ago
Design, write, execute and maintain automated test scripts for APIs, platform and UI software components that you are responsible for. Assess the current set of automation tools and framework and then make recommendations on our automation strategy. Determine when components meet acceptable quality criteria and standards and give the go-ahead for release to production. Work to minimize manual testing by identifying high-ROI test cases and automating them. Review functional and technical documentation in order to identify requirements for the creation of test plans, test cases and test scripts. Conduct test case reviews to ensure scenarios accurately capture business functionality. Execute all components of product testing such as functional, regression and end-to-end testing. Make recommendations to improve product reliability, performance, and quality assurance best practices and processes.

QA Engineer

1 month ago
You are an experienced and passionate QA Engineer who is looking for an opportunity in a startup where you can grow with the company and help expand the existing skillsets of the QA team. You pay attention to detail, have a knack for uncovering new issues, and are excited by the opportunity to help grow the QA team at a startup. You are self-motivated and able to switch contexts as business needs change.


4 months ago
The Quality Assurance Analyst reports to our Director of IoT Solutions, and is accountable for ensuring continuity of computer application services for our users by providing the technical expertise and assistance necessary to validate changes made to our software products, assist with developing test cases, and assist developers in resolving technical problems.

Quality Assurance Engineer

6 days ago
The Quality Assurance role provides you with a unique opportunity to join a high growth, third-party logistics company as they pivot into a record-breaking 3rd year. Shipwell is seeking someone who is a critical thinker and understands product workflows and how users typically interact with applications. We’re laying the foundation on which our industry will be reinvented; we’re looking for individuals who want to part of a significant change. Ideas come from being an innovator and an amplifier, that strives to achieve more, for themselves and to enable greatness in others.

Software QA Engineer

2 weeks ago
Deliver consistent high-quality software testing services. Manual/Automation Testing: Support manual QA testing efforts. Write automation test cases. Maintain UI automated test cases for the application. Write integration test plans and test cases . Execute functional testing (primarily white box) as required. Document defects and maintain test case repositories (using tools such as Jira, Git, Browserstack). Integrate and maintain CI/CD pipelines (Jenkins). Performance Testing: Translate non-functional requirements into performance test scripts. Create performance test plans & baselines; execute planned tests. Implement performance tests early in development using service mocks or stubbing. Proactively bring issues and problems to leadership attention.

Quality Assurance Analyst

The incumbent in this position will develop and execute test suites, scripts, and cases for custom software development and commercial off the shelf applications using a combination of automated and manual techniques.   The incumbent  needs to understand business requirements, translate them into test scenarios, execute scenarios, and report results to developers and end users.  This is accomplished by creating test suites, test scripts, and test cases, executing tests, entering and documenting the status of bugs and change requests in tracking software, working with subject matter experts to understand business processes, and communicating test results to end users.

Software QA Analyst

1 week ago
Your work will focus on testing the functionality and design of our core web applications, microservices, and integrations with external software. Our QA department is small and the responsibilities are large, making this an excellent opportunity to become an important part of a rapidly growing team. We work fast at Qualia; our release cycle is short and our engineers are productive, so efficiency and thoroughness are paramount. If the prospect of working hard, learning new things every day, and being a part of a world-class product team sounds appealing, we would love to hear from you.

Senior QA Engineer

2 weeks ago
As a QA Engineer you will have the opportunity to design, build, maintain, automate, and integrate cloud tools in our product suite.  We are looking for a highly skilled QA leader to implement automated testing and monitor software releases.  The ideal candidate will be a  team player with a wide variety of skills that loves to deep dive into testing! The Senior QA Engineer will be responsible for setting up his or her own testing environment and doing complex testing using both software and various devices.

QA Analyst Salary ranges

The most common QA Analyst salary in Austin is between $70k - $80k.

Average QA Analyst Salary by Company Size

People with the job title QA Analyst make the most at companies with 51-200 employees, earning $76,000 on average.

QA Analyst Salary by gender

The average QA Analyst salary for women is $78,667 and the average QA Analyst salary for men is $70,450.

QA Analyst Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a QA Analyst with 7+ years of experience is $103,000.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in Austin

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $68,100
Min: $42K
Max: $103K
Junior Software Engineer $74,756
Min: $65K
Max: $85K
QA Engineer $78,526
Min: $40K
Max: $115K
Software Test Engineer $86,417
Min: $61K
Max: $120K
Front End Developer $98,286
Min: $70K
Max: $153K
Salesforce Developer $102,385
Min: $70K
Max: $125K
Data Engineer $102,927
Min: $55K
Max: $150K
Automation Engineer $104,700
Min: $79K
Max: $130K
Android Developer $105,400
Min: $73K
Max: $125K
Game Developer $105,600
Min: $65K
Max: $141K
Sales Engineer $105,740
Min: $68K
Max: $152K
iOS Developer $109,750
Min: $85K
Max: $150K
DevOps Engineer $111,671
Min: $84K
Max: $141K
Systems Engineer $112,500
Min: $90K
Max: $135K
Software Engineer $114,161
Min: $71K
Max: $188K
Machine Learning Engineer $120,000
Min: $110K
Max: $135K
Data Architect $127,941
Min: $98K
Max: $153K
QA Manager $131,600
Min: $110K
Max: $150K
Site Reliability Engineer $135,000
Min: $130K
Max: $140K
Senior Software Engineer $136,027
Min: $95K
Max: $200K
Security Engineer $139,200
Min: $112K
Max: $180K
Engineering Manager $144,085
Min: $109K
Max: $175K
Hardware Engineer $147,000
Min: $147K
Max: $147K
Database Administrator $148,333
Min: $133K
Max: $163K
Principal Software Engineer $153,734
Min: $120K
Max: $275K
Lead Software Engineer $166,500
Min: $166K
Max: $167K
Director of Software Engineering $170,769
Min: $140K
Max: $228K
Data Engineering Manager $175,000
Min: $175K
Max: $175K
Vice President of Engineering $214,682
Min: $162K
Max: $265K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $242,300
Min: $130K
Max: $435K

Skills that affect QA Analyst salaries in Austin

1% have this skill
1% have this skill
0% have this skill
0% have this skill
0% have this skill
0% have this skill

Recent QA Analyst salaries in Austin

Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $86,000 with +$12,000 in additional cash compensation
3-5 Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $75,000
3-5 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $55,800 with +$1,250 in additional cash compensation
5-7 Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $73,000
3-5 Years of Experience
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $68,000
1-3 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $75,000
3-5 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $85,000
5-7 Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A Senior Quality Analyst reported a yearly salary of $103,000 with +$5,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
Prefer not to say
500+ Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $47,000
201-500 Employees
Yearly Salary
A QA Analyst reported a yearly salary of $72,000
201-500 Employees
Salaries//Dev + Engineer//QA Analyst