June 12, 2019

TrustRadius takes its core values seriously. The review site for B2B technology stands by the acronym T.R.U.T.H. — transparent, respectful, unstoppable, team player and human — which are the core pillars of the company's foundation. Because the company stands by these values, employees can rely on frequent communications for leadership and internal policies based on employee feedback.

We caught up with a few members of the team to learn how these values are implemented in their business strategy and what they gain as individuals from TrustRadius’ cohesive culture.


trustradius office
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photography by Rudy Arocha
trustradius austin
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EMPLOYEES: 59; 52 locally

WHAT THEY DO: TrustRadius helps B2B technology buyers make confident decisions by providing in-depth reviews and ratings from real users. The company also helps vendors engage and convert buyers by putting their customer's voice to work authentically and at scale.


NOTABLE PERKS: Quarterly external professional development opportunities and weekly company events, including off-topic learning sessions, in-office Olympics, happy hours and community volunteering.

NOTABLE CLIENTS: IBM, AlienVault and Zoom Video Communications


trustradius sales jobs

trustradius sales

Andrew Lamb, VP of Sales

Andrew manages all revenue streams, including new bookings, upsells and renewals.

BEYOND WORK: Andrew is a proud family man and enjoys attending tapings of Austin City Limits with his wife, having “spa days” with his 5-year-old daughter, watching his 10-year-old daughter play soccer, and catching a gaming conference with his 13-year-old son.


You previously worked at HotJob.com, Yahoo! and Spiceworks. What did you learn at those companies and how does your experience at TrustRadius compare?

I’ve learned that working with the best people in a cohesive and fun environment will always win. I look at the people that I’ve worked with at those companies, and I’m so amazed at what they’ve accomplished. We have set the groundwork for TrustRadius to achieve success and be the same amazing place for people just like those companies were.

I’ve learned that working with the best people in a cohesive and fun environment will always win.

How has the sales team evolved since you joined the company?

When I came aboard, I spent time listening to everyone at TrustRadius and to as many sales calls as I could. This informed me so I could implement the right sales methodology, which includes our sales process. At the beginning of the third quarter last year, I implemented the MEDDPICC sales qualification process, cleaned up Salesforce stages, changed our demo and set up a training cadence of two sessions per week. This has been especially necessary since our sales team has doubled in size in the last year.


Tell us about the employee satisfaction survey. How have the results influenced your team and company culture?

We do quarterly employee satisfaction surveys internally because it’s important for us to always have a feel for how our team is doing. We take the results of each survey very seriously and share them and any changes or improvement plans with the team. For example, my takeaway from last quarter’s survey was a reminder of how much the sales team interacts with people across the whole company and why that matters.


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customer success manager trustpilot


Merrell Ligons, Customer Success Manager

Merrell is responsible for onboarding new customers and maintaining a strong working relationship with a portfolio of customers.

BEYOND WORK: Merrell coaches youth baseball, which teaches him about effective communication, leadership, team building and patience.


What was your onboarding experience like? How has the onboarding experience changed since you joined TrustRadius?

I started at TrustRadius four years ago, so there wasn’t much structure in place yet. Fast forward almost four years, the support for new employees is much better. For example, we have a cookie social when new employees start, which is a great first opportunity to connect. We’re still at a size where you’ll see everyone almost daily, so I try to make it a point to connect with new employees throughout the day.


How does TrustRadius create an inclusive environment? How has this shaped your experience with the company?

From day one, leadership has been very transparent and open to feedback about the direction of the company. We use regular company surveys, company meetings, and one-on-one conversations with leadership to discuss company culture. This has fostered an environment where everyone feels like their thoughts and concerns are heard. Because we feel a part of the team, we’re all rowing in the same direction. I have a background in team sports, so this is very important to me.

From day one, leadership has been very transparent and open to feedback about the direction of the company.

How does collaboration affect your product and services, as well as your employee experience?

Working with other teams is one of my favorite parts of being in customer success. I rely heavily on the expertise of other teams and engage with them almost daily. We operate in a dynamic and evolving space since the needs of clients are constantly pushing us in new directions. I attribute the success we’ve had to hiring really bright people, giving them the opportunity to succeed in their roles, and being able to tap into that talent to support the needs of customers.


trustradius product jobs

product trustradius


Rilo Stark, Product Manager

Rilo helps define the "what," "when" and "why" for TrustRadius products. This includes running A/B tests, learning from the research team, and collaborating with developers to create value through technology.

BEYOND WORK: Rilo fosters kittens for the Austin Animal Center, and enjoys maintaining both fresh and saltwater aquariums.


What's your favorite part or element of your company's culture?

My favorite part is the transparency of the leadership team. They share news as it happens, distribute weekly updates and quarterly board slides, and are all very approachable. I also really enjoy the Brew & Learn series. The topics have spanned everything from pinch pots to poker, gardening to General Data Protection Regulation. There is also a #games slack channel for discussing all things video games and board game-related, and daily lunch outings. Events like these help everyone reset midday and do something new and fun with colleagues.

My favorite part is the transparency of the leadership team. They share news as it happens, distribute weekly updates and quarterly board slides, and are all very approachable.

Tell us about the experimentation program. What impact has it had on you and the company?

It started off as an experiment in and of itself! The leadership team supported my initiative to create an experimentation program, which required a non-trivial investment of money, resources and time.

We were able to prove the value with some early wins and earned executive support to scale the program. Experiments now have a role in release planning, quarterly goal setting and the roadmap validation process.


As you look to the future, what characteristics or skills does the ideal TrustRadius candidate possess?

They’re on Team Instinct in Pokemon Go — kidding! The real ideal candidate is highly passionate about their role and is a self-directed learner. I look for examples of taking initiative, experiencing failure and questioning everything to indicate whether the candidate will thrive in a startup environment.


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