Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago before embarking on a multifaceted career that has included working the Chicago scene as a homicide reporter, writing as an international wine and travel journalist, and exploring the world of digital media and advertising.

As a native Texan, he is also extremely passionate about breakfast tacos (San Antonio reigns supreme) and the local music scene — in fact, he's probably at a show right now.

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A man in Western wear types on his phone.
Employees at the Western-inspired retailer are thriving in their careers thanks to a flexible and engaging culture.
Eventus holiday party
Client Success Manager Ariel Almeda unveiled how the financial regulation technology company transformed from a startup to a major market player.
An electric vehicle connected to a charging station.
Product designers at transportation startup FLASH are focused on reimagining the charging process as the electric vehicle market expands.
A woman meditates in front of her computer.
While engineering may not be an ancient art like kung fu or sword fighting, it requires a similar focus to make those skills second nature. Workrise Software Engineer Nick Dollarhide shared his top tips to enter a flow state and reach peak productivity.
The front desk in a Whole Foods office.
According to Global Senior Team Leader Ben Andresen, Whole Foods Market is “a cathedral of grocery greatness and the pinnacle of what a grocery store can be” thanks to a purpose-driven mission.
Closedloop team members sitting on a couch with the Closedloop logo on the wall behind them
By harnessing the power of machine learning in modern healthcare, teams at ClosedLoop are pushing to predict ailments before patients ever see a hospital bed.
Iodine group photo outside with team members holding trophies
After acquiring ChartWise and scaling rapidly, Iodine Software is on a mission to change how the healthcare industry approaches clinical documentation — starting with AI and the clinical program manager.
Validere group photo
Many engineers enjoy working on projects one by one, but at Validere, engineering managers believe in fostering a culture of ownership for the strongest results.
Woman looking a a resume while conducting an interview via video call
“We have no main office because our offices are wherever our employees are” and other company philosophies on remote hiring.
A customer success manager chats with a customer over the phone.
The tech industry is growing — and so are its user bases. Two Austin CSMs explain how they transitioned their customer skills into a brand new industry.
Downtown Austin, Texas skyline reflecting on Lady Bird Lake.
Learn more about the visions, company cultures and hiring goals of 10 fast-growing companies in the Lone Star State.
A man in a business suit lifting weights for muscle development.
For companies ready to scale but unsure of where to start, these 7 Austin sales leaders have some suggestions.