On the move: These 4 tech companies just opened new Austin offices

by Katie Fustich
November 9, 2018

If it seems like just last month we were recapping all of the exciting companies who were choosing Austin for their new offices — that’s because it was. Yet, as a testament to how fast Austin tech is growing, this month already saw a fresh batch of companies, at all stages of the startup game, who are choosing to set roots right here in Texas. Here’s who they are.


Quake Capital
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Where it all began: New York, NY

What they do: Quake Capital is part VC firm, part incubator. In both arenas, the firm works to invest in seed-stage startups and mentor up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Since its 2016 founding, Quake Capital has worked with more than 100 startups in New York, Los Angeles and Austin.

Why they moved: This summer, Quake Capital stealthily made its move from the East Coast to the heart of Texas. In an interview with the Austin Business Journal, Managing Partner Ohad Uliel cited the affordability of the city, as well as the wealth of investment opportunities, as reasons for the relocation.


Sana Benefits
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Where it all began: San Francisco, CA

What they do: Sana Benefits is a health insurance solution for human resources teams. Sana’s solutions help companies offer employees the flexible and affordable health coverage they need, while circumventing expenses incurred by traditional insurance companies.

Why they moved: “Texas, from an insurance standpoint, is a great state for innovation. There aren’t a lot of constraints,” co-founder Will Young told Silicon Hills. He also cited the large pool of tech talent, and the potential for enterprise solutions in the city.


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Where it all began: San Francisco, CA

What they do: Honor helps people find home care solutions through its national network of certified providers. Honor partners with existing agencies and professional caregivers to help pair them with clients in need.

Why they moved: While Honor plans to maintain its current digs in Northern California, they will also be opening a new, 30,000-square-foot space in North Austin. The expansion will tap into Austin’s healthtech scene, and help the company better serve its Texas clientele.


image via facebook

Where it all began: Atlanta, GA

What they do: Resideo makes smart home technology that helps homeowners monitor things like fire, carbon monoxide, temperature and more from their mobile devices. Resideo is the latest offshoot of parent company Honeywell.

Why they moved: Though parent company Honeywell looms large on the East Coast, Resideo chose to break out on its own and forge ahead as a startup within Austin’s bustling tech community. The official location of the office has yet to be announced, but the office is expected to house 100 employees upon launch.


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