Making a mark: 7 new women-led startups you should know

Written by Katie Fustich
Published on Oct. 23, 2018
Making a mark: 7 new women-led startups you should know

Across the tech industry, women comprise a meager 17 percent of founders, and receive just two percent of venture capital distributed. Yet, female founders aren’t letting this stacked deck hold them back from jumping headfirst into the startup game.

While these seven newly founded Austin startups all have different missions and brands, they are united by the fact that, in the C-suite, it’s a woman who wears the pants.


Blink Identity
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Mary Haskett
co-founder and CEO • Blink Identity

Blink Identity builds facial recognition technology that is capable of working in poorly lit and fast-moving environments. Applications range from crowd control at concerts and sporting events, to national security and beyond. CEO and co-founder Mary Haskett’s wealth of experience developing military-grade security software no doubt informs her latest role at Blink Identity.


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Laurie Felker Jones
Founder • JuiceBox Hero

JuiceBox Hero is a platform for parents and guardians to quickly, easily and securely find childcare solutions that work for them. Options range from individualized care to daily after-school programs. Founder and working mom Laurie Felker Jones spent years working in politics, advocating for women and children, before founding JuiceBox Hero.


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Jen Grogono
President and CEO • uStudio

UStudio provides an all-in-one enterprise media solution relied on by Salesforce, Universal, AT&T and more. The platform ensures internal communications are secure and up to the minute, adding company value and employee education in one swoop. CEO and President Jen Grogono’s robust background in marketing and digital media informed her creation of uStudio.


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Tracy Ambrico
co-founder and CEO • The Horsewise Company
Alexis Pomerleau
co-founder and CMO • The Horsewise Company

It’s a problem only a Texas startup could solve: MyBarnHelp connects barn owners with skilled professionals, ensuring that when they are away, their animals and land are taken care of. Co-founder and CEO Tracy Ambrico brings her passions for entrepreneurship and horses to the team, while co-founder and CMO Alexis Pomerleau has multiple sales and marketing director roles under her belt.


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Siri Chakka
co-founder • Reset
Silva Gentchev
co-founder • Reset

With a platform that transforms restaurants into cool coworking spaces, Reset has proven a friend to local foodies and freelancers alike. Restaurants can apply to leverage their space, and individuals can apply for a variety of work plans. Co-founder Siri Chakka has nearly a decade of strategy and consulting experience, while co-founder Silva Gentchev brings her years of experience building product.


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Rachel Holtin
co-founder • Showcase

Showcase is a new way to shop for women’s fashion and accessories. Each day, Showcase offers a daily deal on a covetable item in a range of sizes. You may also know founder Rachel Holtin from her popular @austinfoodstagrams account.


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Paula Pettit

Parcel22 allows women to explore new styles, with the bonus of having them delivered directly to their doors. The clothing subscription service lets you rent new outfits for $49 a month, with the option to buy any of the pieces, to keep, at a reduced price. In addition to being the sole founder of Parcel22, Paula Pettit also acts as a business development lead for How’s that for multi-tasking?

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