This new startup co-founded by TrendKite veterans aims to motivate sales pros

by Kelly O'Halloran
July 10, 2018
quotapath founder aj bruno
Quotapath co-founder aj bruno. photo provided by quotapath.

Staying motivated and optimistic as a sales rep is one of the toughest parts of the gig. Even the best can’t hide from the threat of a sales funk.

That threat, however, can be mitigated through coaching, support, teamwork and tools that both support and motivate an organization’s business growth team.

A new startup called QuotaPath, based here in Austin and in Philadelphia, hopes to carry sales momentum through its real-time earnings and attainment tracking platform.

“So much of a sales rep’s compensation is based on performance,” said QuotaPath co-founder Cole Evetts. “They need to be reminded on a regular basis of what they are working their butts off for, whether it’s a downpayment for a house, an engagement ring or other personal goals. That’s what we want to create.”

Sales reps need to be reminded on a regular basis of what they are working their butts off for.”

The solution eliminates the need to manually track quota progress and commission and gives a modern makeover — both technically and visually — to what Evetts described as “outdated software” from competitors. It also allows reps to add a personal touch to it by aligning their own personal goals with their attainment goals.

“The main issue with the existing platforms is that the tools are built for accounting and finance teams,” said Evetts. “Nothing out there is designed for the actual users, which are the sales and revenue professionals.”

By contrast, said Evetts, QuotaPath is designed for sales professional by sales professionals.

If you followed TrendKite’s rise from 2012 Austin startup to a dominating tech company in the PR metrics space with more than 200 employees today, the name AJ Bruno should ring a bell.

Bruno co-founded TrendKite and led as president before returning to his hometown of Philadelphia this spring with his family to kick off QuotaPath.

Evetts, of Austin, also played a role in TrendKite’s rise, growing the sales team from about 15 people to over 60 in 18 months in his role as director of revenue operations. That’s where he and Bruno met.

The two are joined by QuotaPath’s technical co-founder Eric Heydenberk and Darby Dupre, who serves as the startup’s product operations manager.

Despite being just two months old, the startup recently closed $1.5 million in funding from local investor ATX Seed Ventures. Evetts said the seed round will be used toward its product and engineering strategies, which include bringing on talent both in Austin and Philadelphia.

Evetts said they plan to launch QuotaPath’s free private beta to early access users by the end of summer, with an official release scheduled for the end of fall.

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