9 Austin Cybersecurity Firms Keeping Us Safe

These Austin companies are putting your digital security at the forefront of their businesses.

Written by Katie Fustich
Published on Mar. 04, 2024
9 Austin Cybersecurity Firms Keeping Us Safe
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With major data leaks and malicious digital threats in the news on a near-daily basis, the need for cutting-edge cybersecurity is more apparent than ever. On an individual level, cyberthreats can damage one’s financial and personal life. On a broader economic level, companies are losing billions of dollars every year to cyber threats. Fortunately, Austin tech is leading the charge with some of the most innovative solutions to stopping cybercrime in its tracks. Here’s a few of them.

Austin Cybersecurity Companies to Know

  • Duo Security
  • Rapid7
  • Forcepoint
  • NSS Labs 
  • Praetorian
  • SparkCognition
  • Living Security
  • Unit 410
  • Framework Security


Duo Security’s zero-trust security platform caters to businesses and government agencies. Its products include secure remote access and single sign-on for users across multiple applications. Duo Security provides customizable cybersecurity solutions encompassing mobile security, cloud-based security, two-factor authentication and proactive measures against data breaches and credential theft. 


Rapid7 makes security operations software to protect organizations from exposure and digital attack. It offers comprehensive security services that range from exposure insights delivered through its in-house intelligence labs and research projects to 24/7 monitoring, remediation and incident response. The company’s cybersecurity solutions serve more than 11,000 companies worldwide.


Framework Security is a cybersecurity firm that offers a full suite of services designed to protect client companies from digital threats, such as social engineering attacks. It offers risk and compliance assessment, penetration testing, managed security and training programs to teach team members how to proactively help safeguard their company’s digital assets.


Founded in 2008, Praetorian, whose name is a reference to the imperial bodyguards of Ancient Rome, helps businesses like Microsoft and CVS manage cybersecurity threats. The Praetorian platform is used to identify, prioritize and mitigate digital threats.


Since SparkCognition was founded in 2013, the firm has already grown to leader status among companies looking to integrate artificial intelligence into their security solutions. SparkCognition powers integrated security applications for IT, IoT and IIoT companies.


Unit 410 is a small, senior team of infrastructure engineers fueling some of the largest proof-of-stake and validating operations in the world. Their team believes in the potential of programmable money and is excited to continue pushing forward the state of the art through proof-of-stake networks. Done right, proof-of-stake networks offer scaling, efficiency, and governance improvements over existing layer 1 protocols. But this comes with security challenges. Unit 410's team is often the first participants in new networks and help them design and scale for success. They secure a large amount of these assets and contribute back open source tooling, architectures, and designs that help networks mature.


Living Security produces a suite of human risk management software that empowers end-users to broaden their cybersecurity risk awareness and create long-lasting changes in online habits. Featuring a robust Human Risk Training platform that includes products and content designed for training users and teams against threats like phishing, Living Security employs gamification and culture-reshaping immersive techniques to instill a deeper understanding of cybersecurity significance. 


Forcepoint helps companies manage cybersecurity threats through what they call “risk-adaptive prevention.” Forcepoint’s software processes behavioral trends and patterns to better call attention to unrecognized threats.


NSS Labs operates both as a cybersecurity software developer and a leading researcher and consultancy for companies looking for customized security solutions. The company, founded in 2007, has made it their mission to level the cybersecurity playing field.

This story was originally published in 2018. Margo Steines and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed reporting to this story.

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