17 Top Austin Fintech Companies and Startups You Should Know

These Austin fintechs are pushing the finance industry forward.

Written by Tessa McLean
Published on Apr. 11, 2024
17 Top Austin Fintech Companies and Startups You Should Know
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Austin might not be the first city you think of when you’re talking about finance. But the truth is, Austin is emerging as a center for fintech innovation. Entrepreneurs are collaborating with the financial sector steeped in centuries-old traditions, and creating a new way to approach this age old industry. Here are some of the most prominent leaders in Austin fintech, along with a few startups worth keeping an eye on.

Top Fintech Companies in Austin

  • Abrigo
  • AffiniPay
  • Billd
  • Juniper Square
  • Red Ventures
  • Self Financial
  • City National Bank


Invoice Home makes digital invoicing and billing software for small businesses, solopreneurs and freelancers. Based in Austin, the company’s strategy is to make invoicing as straightforward and seamless as possible, with cloud-based services for managing payment records, billing clients and performing other important finance processes.


Diversified trading firm DRW specializes in research and technology to support financial markets in five continents. In addition to trading and providing access to liquidity across traditional asset classes, the company has leveraged its broad spectrum of expertise to expand into cryptoassets, venture capital and real estate.


To make sure life insurance is accessible to everyday consumers, Bestow has crafted a convenient platform. Customers can receive a quote in seconds after entering basic health information, all without having to take a medical exam. Bestow pairs each customer with top-rated carriers and offers flexible rates, making the life insurance process that much smoother for individuals.  


City National Bank has provided financial stability to a range of clients. Customers can select checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and other financial products that fit their needs. City National Bank also offers mobile and online banking options to keep people connected to their financial resources when they need them most. 


Billd uncovers financing and payment solutions for organizations in the construction industry, allowing them to acquire the materials they need upfront and pay suppliers later. The platform takes both parties into consideration, allowing contractors to control their cash flow and grow stress-free while suppliers are able to move more product in less time. 


AffiniPay provides flexible payment integration options for the legal, psychology and accounting industries. With no extra equipment needed, businesses using AffiniPay’s technology can schedule recurring payments, link payments to their website and even use the platform’s analytics tools to manage finances.



Q2ebanking designs mobile, virtual and voice banking applications for banks and credit unions. The Q2 platform enables banks to personalize user experience, while also offering tools like analytics dashboards and integrated security features.


Creditcards.com is a leading financial services technology and marketing company that provides consumers with free content, credit information, and financial insights, connects consumers with financial institutions and helps users achieve financial goals and well-being.


Self Financial launched in 2015 to help consumers build their credit. In so doing, it aims to increase economic inclusion and financial resilience for users. Its products, including the Credit Builder Account and Self Visa Credit Card, help users build credit while they also grow their savings. In addition, the company offers free rent reporting to all three major credit bureaus and utility payment reporting to TransUnion.



Juniper Square provides software that streamlines the investment and fundraising industries. The company’s software offers an encompassing investment management solution that includes a customer relationship manager tool and investor reporting analytics.  


Dosh’s transaction-based advertising solutions give shoppers cash back on everyday purchases. Consumers can download the company’s app and connect it with their existing cards so they can start earning rewards from their favorite brands. The company is currently partners with companies like Instacart, Asos, Walmart and World Market.


Hudson River Trading is a quantitative trading firm using math and science to research and develop trading algorithms. Each day, the firm uses their proprietary algorithms to trade millions of stocks across global financial markets.


Kasasa offers free checking accounts that offer big rewards like high interest or cash back. They also boast no minimum balances or penalties ever and no ATM fees.


Kestra Financial offers an independent advisor platform to help financial professionals provide personalized consulting and support services. The firm aids more than 1,700 independent financial advisors, and its services are backed by over twenty years of experience in the industry.


Netspend exited 2015 with 16 consecutive quarters of double digit revenue growth. The Austin-based company is a provider of reloadable prepaid cards and related financial services in the United States. They serve the estimated 68 million underbanked consumers who do not have a traditional bank account or who rely on alternative financial services.


When companies compete to attract top tech talent in cities like Austin, sometimes career decisions really do come down to benefits. Student Loan Genius offers a leg up with a 401k-style financial perk to help employees pay off their school debt faster. The startup counts Intel, Boeing and Kellogg’s among its growing roster of clients.


Abrigo provides software-based solutions and consulting to small banks to help detect fraud, money laundering and other financial crimes.


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This story was originally published in 2016. Margo Steines and Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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