StepOne Inc. makes those infuriating calls to the cable company a thing of the past

by Amy Reagan
December 3, 2014


StepOne Inc.'s co-founders, left-right: Bill Gravette, Alex Mitchell and Erik Noren

Few day-to-day annoyances are more infuriating than crawling through the spiderwebs of a service provider's customer service system, trying to seek an elusive solution while being rerouted over and over again through a maze of irrelevant questions. Anyone whose cable or internet has ever been on the fritz knows how quickly one's blood pressure can spike while trying to get it dealt with. 

StepOne Inc., for its part, says it's seeking to end that frustration. The Austin-based startup offers an adaptive self-service platform helping customers solve their own problems without dealing with the headache of typical support service platforms. Anticipating customer questions using contextual data like location, services purchased and other points of information, the brand's Contextual Care product delivers tailored support content to, ideally, save time, frustration and confusion. For its clients, StepOne promises deployment of its content-agnostic SaaS solutions within 30 days.

Its related product, Care Profiler, acts as a data scientist for companies, providing an ongoing view into the quality of a customer support library and calling itself "the world's first diagnostic tool specifically designed for customer support." 

The company scooped up $4M in series A funding this past May from Silverton Partners and LiveOak Venture Partners. Its plans for growth in 2015 include working with more communication service providers and other markets, as well as beefing up its own technology. 

"What’s ahead for us next year is the continued expansion of our deployments at our major lighthouse customers, extending in the communication service provider market and additional vertical markets, and continued advancements in the data science behind the delivery of contextual self service in our core products and solutions," said CEO Alex Mitchell. 

As of December, StepOne currently employs 18 people. Mitchell says the company anticipates doubling that number by the end of 2015.

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