Top Tech Companies in Texas You Should Know

Check out these Austin companies making the Lone Star State a growing tech hub.

Written by Alyssa Schroer
Published on Jun. 12, 2024
Top Tech Companies in Texas You Should Know
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Texas — it’s huge and home to hundreds of thousands of businesses. Among these Texas businesses are innovative and downright cool startups and tech companies located right here in Austin. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, consider it an introduction to the many, many tech companies in Texas. 

Austin is currently the hotbed in Texas tech, with over two thousand tech companies and startups, the city is the beating heart of the state’s tech scene. The following companies are constantly growing and innovating their fields, and represent just a small fraction of what the Austin scene has to offer.

Notable Tech Companies in Texas

  • Cision
  • Optimizely
  • RetailMeNot 
  • WellAware
  • FlightAware
  • Snapstream
  • 5miles Door Inc.

Industry: Security, Communications

What they do: AlertMedia provides emergency communication with a multichannel two-way messaging system, threat intelligence and 24/7 employee safety solutions. Its goal is to help organizations respond to critcal events and protect their workforce and business through all phases of an emergency.


Industry: Software Development

What they do: Zello’s voice communication technology enables mobile workers to transform their smart devices into walkie-talkies. Serving customers in industries like transportation, retail, construction and healthcare, the company’s mobile app facilitates more than 8 billion messages a month and supports more than 170 million users across 200 countries. 


Industry: Software Development

What they do: Invoice Home’s online platform provides businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs with customizable invoice-generating software. The company’s solution is equipped with features and templates that let users design professional-quality billing documents with their own logos, colors and payment terms. Invoice home serves customers across 100 countries and has templates designed by branding professionals in multiple languages.


Industry: Software, aerospace

What they do: ForeFlight builds software that supports pilots and flight crews. It offers flight planning products for both mobile devices and desktop computers that give users access to weather forecasts, maps and charts, aircraft traffic and other valuable tools and data. ForeFlight’s technology has applications for personal, business and military aviation as well as flight training.


Industry: Software, HR tech

What they do: Udemy runs an online marketplace of courses for developing professional skills, pursuing creative interests and prioritizing personal wellness. Udemy offers subscriptions for individual users, but also partners with businesses that want to provide their employees with access to its library of content.


Industry: Software, Database

What they do: Redgate Software builds database development, compliance and management solutions that support IT teams worldwide. Its products include Flyway, which automates database deployments, and Redgate Monitor, which provides alerts and diagnostics that help users stay on top of SQL server performance.


Industry: Fintech

What they do: As a diversified trading firm, DRW aims to leverage its technology and expertise “to make markets more efficient, transparent and fair.” Founded in 1992, DRW is active in markets across five continents, with its business model encompassing both traditional and non-traditional asset classes. Its venture capital arm invests in finance and enterprise tech firms, connecting them with insider expertise to support them throughout their growth.


Industry: Cybersecurity

What they do: Duo Security provides organizations around the world with user-friendly cybersecurity solutions they can tailor to ensure their data, networks and applications can only be accessed by authorized users. For example, businesses can use Duo’s passwordless authentication to allow their employees to securely access the systems they need without having to keep track of a password, which can help to reduce IT help desk requests and avoid the risk of passwords being compromised.


Industry: Artificial intelligence, Software, Sports, Analytics

What they do: Scorability uses predictive analytics technology to match college athletes with athletic programs. A mission-driven company founded by two Division 1 athlete parents, the company says it relies on transparency and tech rather than the labor-intensive and inefficient methods that have traditionally governed the recruiting process.


Industry: Food, Logistics, Mobile

What they do: Favor is a Texan hospitality tech company with an on-demand delivery and online ordering platform that connects customers with restaurants. Headquartered in Austin, the company is part of the Texas-famous H-E-B family of food and beverage businesses, and its service is “proudly unavailable in 49 states.”


Industry: Cloud, Software

What they do: ThousandEyes is a digital experience monitoring company that offers businesses insights by monitoring their online engagements. Its platform focuses on areas that can be upleveled, like workflow, and troubleshoots network issues with software that analyzes performance. ThousandEyes is used as a network administration tool by over 300 businesses around the world, including Comcast, eBay and HP. 


Industry: Logistics, Transportation Tech

What they do: Mothership aims to make freight delivery more efficient. Its technology works to streamline logistics and enhance efficiency so Mothership customers can manage same-day deliveries, track freight in real-time and manage documentation digitally.


Industry: Edtech

What they do: Aceable is a mobile education platform for training and certification courses like drivers ed, real estate education and defensive driving. With over 400,000 graduates to date, the self-paced, state-accredited courses are more flexible and affordable than traditional courses.


Industry: Information Technology, Security

What they do: Cloudflare protects existing online applications without altering their structure or adding any hardware. The company routes traffic through its global network, becoming increasingly smarter with each site added. 


Industry: Cloud + Security

What they do: SailPoint is an identity governance solution provider for enterprise companies. Its AI and machine-learning-enabled solution works to automate the control of access to sensitive documents, technology and resources. 


Industry: Healthtech

What they do: Iodine Software helps hospitals improve clinical documentation. The company’s machine learning technology evaluates and discovers records that need improvement. The company’s software helps hospitals prioritize records that need the most revision and enhances the accuracy and overall completeness of hospital documents.


Industry: IoT and Software

What they do: CCC provides a range of cloud and mobile solutions for the automotive and insurance industries. The company’s platform connects a giant network of insurance companies, parts suppliers, repair facilities and third-party providers. CCC’s solutions help people get back on the road quickly after accidents, while also improving communication and collaboration between players in the automotive and insurance field.


Industry: Adtech

What they do: AdAction Interactive provides custom advertising solutions for mobile marketers. AdAction’s platform helps companies identify new audiences to target and provides dashboards for understanding campaign spending and performance. The company works with many well know brands and tech leaders like Apple, Twitter, Poshmark and FourSquare.


Industry: Cloud and Healthtech

What they do: ClearDATA provides cloud data and security solutions exclusively to the healthcare industry, ensuring organizations stick to compliance standards, privacy and security. The company offers services to multiple players in the healthcare industry including healthcare technology, providers, payers and life sciences organizations.


Industry: Software

What they do: Through its experimentation platform, Optimizely gives companies the ability to test different digital experiences in order to determine which approach leads to the most customer engagement. The company launched in 2009 from San Francisco.


Industry: Adtech

What they do: Outbound Engine makes marketing software that provides services like email marketing, professional websites, social posts and referral campaigns. The team at Outbound crafts custom and engaging content catered for each brand and creates automatic campaigns so companies can worry less about scheduling and follow up.


Industry: E-commerce

What they do: RetailMeNot helps brands drive growth by influencing purchases and engaging their large shopping audience. The savings destination provides mobile coupons, discounted gift cards and cash back offers, reaching a wider number of consumers, retaining more customers and enhancing brand awareness.


Industry: Big Data

What they do: TrendKite provides a digital public relations platform to major brands and media companies like Google, Patagonia and Marriott. The company offers solutions like influencer marketing and management, PR strategy and analytical insights.


Industry: E-commerce

What they do: Expedia Group is a vacation rental platform providing access to hotels, houses, cabins and more across 190 countries. Expedia Group’s platform works on either side of the booking process, with both vacationers and those listing their homes. The platform helps renters find great places to stay and listers manage their prices, dates and rules.

This article was originally published in 2019. Rose Velazquez, Margo Steines, Ashley Bowden and Sara B.T. Thiel contributed to reporting for this story.

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