Khorus continues to help CEOs with new $4M investment

April 14, 2015


Khorus, the business software built for CEOs, raised a $4 million Series A led by company founder Joel Trammell and angel investor Tom Greig this week. The Austin-based startup will use the infusion of capital to increase marketing efforts to mid-size and large companies, advance product R&D, and expand the team.

“CEOs don’t need more data. What they do need is actionable information that helps them manage their businesses better,” said Joel Trammell, Khorus CEO, in a statement. “The Khorus platform is an early-warning system, showing the CEO and leadership team when they need to adjust and adapt to keep the company moving forward.”

Khorus currently has acquired 25 customers since its launch in February 2014. The company aims to align CEO and executive team strategy with employees by creating and analyzing intelligence gathered on the platform.

“I’ve worked with Joel Trammell for more than 15 years and have witnessed his ability to not only develop great technology products but also build and run a world-class organization,” said Tom Greig, senior managing director of private equity firm Liberty Partners. “Khorus is an application that will appeal to any CEO who wishes to have a better handle on what’s really going on in the organization and take action before problems escalate. As an investor, I wish my portfolio companies had access to this years ago.”

This new investment brings the company’s total funding to $6 million.

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