Stop stressing: 5 Austin startups designed to make it easier to launch your business

by Kelly O'Halloran
May 19, 2017

Don’t let the stress of starting a business weigh you down. There are plenty of companies in town to help ensure you have a fruitful launch. Check out these five Austin startups focused on helping new founders flourish.


lucidcrew twitter.jpeg

Austin’s Lucid Crew is available to help any fledgling entrepreneur take to the web. Whether you’re building a website for the first time or looking to upgrade a previous site into something better, Lucid Crew’s team specializes in site design, social media marketing, logo design and SEO. The best part? If you’re inexperienced in website management and intimidated by the work, the Austin design team breaks it down to the basics: if you can send and email, then you can update a website developed by Lucid Crew.  


ABLE lending twitter.jpg

Ready for funding? Able Lending supports small businesses through a unique borrowing process that ensures all businesses have access to affordable funding. They’re a collaborative lender, meaning entrepreneurs raise a small percentage of funding from their personal networks of family and friends — then Able funds the rest.



With recommendations to make your life easier and more organized, AppSumo curates content with free and payable products to help the modern-day entrepreneur. Their team hand picks practical tools, posting items with exclusive deals and offerings. The company launched from Austin in 2010.  



Now that you’re a founder, it’s time to get face time with other innovators throughout the United States. Launched in Austin in 2009, FoundersCard connects more than 20,000 entrepreneurs with regularly scheduled, invite-only networking events held across the country — plus added benefits from travel, lifestyle and business brands.


softmatch ss.jpg

Mellie Price, one of Austin’s serial entrepreneurs, launched SoftMatch in 2015 to make it easier to connect companies that might mutually benefit from one another’s business. SoftMatch’s services include scouting for relevant companies across a network of 40 global incubators, accelerators and startup programs to highlight candidates for strategic partnerships, investments and acquisitions.


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