6 Data Science Bootcamps for Mastering Machine Learning

by Anthony Corbo
February 4, 2020

For professionals looking to launch into a tech career, or for seasoned tech experts expanding their knowledge to offer a more well-rounded skill set, mastering the fundamentals and techniques associated with data science can be a rewarding endeavor. Skills like machine learning, Python programming and data manipulation are becoming increasingly more sought after as tech-enabled businesses continue to expand, along with data analysis abilities that include managing databases like Excel, SQL and Tableau as new information is added.

The demand for more masters of data has made it easier than ever to add valuable techniques to your professional arsenal— and faster, too! Check out these six data science bootcamps in Austin accepting new students right now.

Top Data Science Bootcamps in Austin

  • General Assembly
  • Austin Community College
  • Data Science Dojo
  • Digital Creative Institute
  • Galvanize
  • University of Texas at Austin- McCombs School of Business


General Assembly data science bootcamps Austin
General Assembly

Founded: 2011

Course levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: General Assembly has been a leader in providing thorough technical education that covers a variety of topics since 2011. The network of global locations has seen over 70,000 students walk through its doors, with full-time and part-time data courses in Austin that include the Data Science Immersive Bootcamp, Python Programming, Data Analytics and Data Science. Essential data science topics are covered in each course, including machine learning, Excel, Python functions, SQL and more.


Austin Community College data science bootcamps Austin
Austin Community College

Founded: 1972

Course levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: For 40 years, the Austin Community College’s Continuing Education program has been guiding professionals down brand-new avenues of their careers. Students looking to develop an expert understanding of data and programming can find a home at ACC, with courses and bootcamps offering insight to subjects like Excel, Python, data manipulation, machine learning, SQL, Node.js and more.


Data Science Dojo data science bootcamps Austin
Data Science Dojo

Founded: 2013

Course levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: Data Science Dojo created a shift in how data science is taught, offering fully immersive, hands-on courses over a one-week period. The Data Science Bootcamp is comprised of 50 hours of training and a comprehensive curriculum, diving deep into data science fundamentals, machine learning, evaluating, tuning and big data engineering. The course also includes networking opportunities and 10 hours of homework, with a certificate available for students who take the bootcamp at the UNM Continuing Education center.


Digital Creative Institute data science bootcamps Austin
Digital Creative Institute

Founded: 2015

Course levels: Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: At Digital Creative Institute, students go beyond the boundaries of traditional bootcamps by entering into apprenticeships that include immediately working a full-time position, tuition costs covered by employers and a tailored, hands-on learning experience. Becoming a part of the Data Analyst Apprenticeship program will put students in a data analyst role from day one, allowing for an advanced understanding of data preparation, SQL, data storytelling, Python, statistics, IT project management and machine learning.


Galvanize data science bootcamps Austin

Founded: 2012

Course levels: Intermediate, Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: A co-working and learning space empowering professionals in cities across the US, Galvanize’s Data Science Bootcamp teaches students experienced in Python and mathematics the advanced skills needed to become data experts. Prep and fundamental courses are available to study before the bootcamp begins, which features a curriculum rich in statistic fundamentals, machine learning, natural language processing and more.


University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business data science bootcamps Austin
University of Texas at Austin – McCombs School of Business

Founded: 1922

Course levels: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Data courses offered:

About the school: Featuring a challenging, 24-week curriculum that takes students through the knowledge and skills necessary to become data analysis experts, the Data Analysis and Visualization Boot Camp at the University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business provides an immersive, part-time curriculum where professionals can develop within the time they have available. Advanced Excel functions, Python programming, a variety of databases, modeling, forecasting and more are all covered to a great degree, allowing students to exit the program well-versed in the skills required for data analysis.


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