Survive Thanksgiving with the support of these 5 Austin apps

Written by Kelly O'Halloran
Published on Nov. 18, 2016
Survive Thanksgiving with the support of these 5 Austin apps

Thanksgiving marks the annual tradition of sharing time with family and friends, celebrating over drinks, bonding over turkey and falling asleep on the couch while watching some evening football games.

But among the smiles and full bellies, there's always a slight chance something will go wrong: heated political discussions, the chef ruins the turkey, you run out of wine. 

We assembled a list of essential apps and services — from Austin, for Austin — to step in if you find yourself in a bind this year. 


Avoid forgetting the wine and beer this year by having it delivered directly to you well before the big day. Couch Potato ATX will be closed on Thanksgiving but will be making same day deliveries of beer, wine and more on Thanksgiving Eve. 


When you realize you're missing a few items for your stuffing recipe, Burpy has your back. The online grocery delivery service will deliver orders within one hour of ordering. Make sure you start cooking in the morning, though, because their last deliveries on Thanksgiving will go out between noon and 1 p.m. 


While most sports take a brief hiatus on Thanksgiving Day, the NHL, NFL, NCAA and of course European soccer will not. For you sports fans that get a stern talking to for trying to watch sports during "family time," use Are You Watching This?! to see if you're really missing out on anything. The platform uses a bot system that identifies worth-watching sporting events to alert you with brief messages on exciting game happenings and what channel to find it on. 


If the table conversation turns for the worse, there's always mobile games to play on your phone underneath the table. GameSalad provides a learning platform to teach interested developers how to build drag and drop games. On their website, they feature an online arcade of mobile-friendly games to distract you from unsavory banter. 


If you need a ride home after dinner — especially if you've had a drink or two — use RideAustin, the only operating non-profit ridesharing company in town, to make sure you make it home safely.


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