18 Big Data Companies in Austin You Should Know

Austin’s big data players have found themselves uniquely positioned to make their mark on a number of industries.
Written by Emerson Dameron
January 17, 2024Updated: January 17, 2024
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In an age of information overload, some of our most influential heroes are those with the brains and tools to help us make sense of it all.

Austin’s big data players have found themselves uniquely well positioned to make their mark on industries such as energy, medicine, and finance. But they’ve also made inroads in emerging technologies and even customer support.

Here are the city’s most well-funded, fastest-growing, and powerful big data companies.

Top Big Data Companies in Austin

  • Tableau
  • EPAM Systems
  • Cision
  • RunTitle
  • PotentialMetrics
  • Bestow
  • Paybook
  • Cloudera



EPAM is an IT consultancy with many arms and specialties. Its work in big data is driven by the belief that data must provide actionable insights. EPAM works with clients to choose data products and platforms, to establish methods of extracting and analyzing big data sets and to strategize how to act on the insights they provide.   


Bestow works to make life insurance more convenient by connecting individuals aged 18-60 with approved life insurance carriers. Customers can access Bestow’s tools through online and mobile formats, receiving affordable quotes that offer room for flexible life insurance terms. Securing life insurance has never been faster since Bestow doesn’t require a medical exam. After providing basic health details, customers can get a quote in a matter of seconds. As a result, Bestow’s digital approach is making it easier for customers to find the right life insurance plan for them.  


Enverus, another Texas success story, works to make the energy sector more data-driven. Its analytics are designed to be distributed and understood throughout organizations, “from the rig floor to the top floor.” Thus, it demonstrates how the right interpretations of the right data can bring businesses together.


Gotransverse brings the power of big data to the world of big billing. It provides a sleek SaaS solution that automates billing operations and cuts inefficiencies out of revenue streams. As the Gotransverse approach takes some of the busywork out of billing, it allows for greater oversight and analysis, showing once again that fintech (a robust scene in Austin) and big data are the peanut butter and chocolate of the startup world. It's not just raising money and saving money, it's establishing a new standard in its space.


Granify automatically maximizes revenue for online retailers by identifying shoppers that aren’t going to buy and changing their mind — before they leave the site — by harnessing the power of real-time big data and machine learning. The team at Granify is changing the way people shop in 19 countries by reducing shopping cart abandonment through analyzing buyer behavior. While the shopper browses, Granify sends out messages and alerts, encouraging customers to finish their purchase


HUVR uses drones to inspect industrial assets and large agricultural properties, helping clients make sense of what they find. Agriculture and energy companies need a steady stream of information on their land, buildings, and other large assets. HUVR has built a particularly photogenic system for gathering it, which has helped it gather funding and attention from well beyond the sectors it serves.


Vyopta manages and analyzes web and video collaboration networks for some of the world's most powerful providers and industries. Remote work is here to stay so more and more firms, particularly established corporations, use Vyopta's tools to make sure they get the most out of off-site conferencing and collaboration. This growth is reflected in Vyopta's aggressive fundraising and hiring.


Elastic is a search company that powers enterprise search, observability, and security solutions built on one technology stack that can be deployed anywhere. Thousands of organizations worldwide, including Cisco, eBay, NASA, The New York Times, and Verizon, use Elastic to power mission-critical systems.


Measuring the ROI of public relations efforts has always been a tricky business, but Cision algorithms are making things easier.  The SaaS platform breaks down mammoth amounts of data from across the digital world to paint comprehensive portraits of how client brands are perceived.


Clarify’s mission is “to improve human communication.” Specifically, it analyzes audio and video content, making it easier to find, use, and understand. The internet began with text, which was fairly easy to search for and analyze. Now, the world is quickly shifting to audio and video experiences, which aren't governed by the same rules and algorithms. Like Google in its infancy, Clarify is setting itself up for success and influence by making sense of an ongoing flood of information, surfing a new and different wave with style and efficiency.


Cloudera is a data management and analytics platform with one eye locked on security. It provides sensitive clients with an Apache Hadoop platform that allows them to crunch their data and protect it from leaks and harmful entities. In 2014, Cloudera acquired the local infosec powerhouse Gazzang, which had already established itself as one of Austin's most prolific fundraisers. The implication is clear: big data needs supple analytics, and supple analytics needs heavy security


 GroupBy is an e-commerce search platform for retail companies. Their solutions take the complexities out of online retail sites, making products easier to find, increasing conversions and giving real-time performance insights. GroupBy is used and trusted by a myriad of big names in the retail and e-commerce space including Lancome, Crate & Barrel, CVS Pharmacy, Pier 1 Imports and Urban Outfitters.


JP3's tools measure and analyze liquids and gasses in energy company pipelines without filters or samples. Its approach is leaps and bounds more efficient and informative than what came before it. There is power in specificity and specialization. By significantly improving one small part of energy companies' processes, JP3 has made itself influential in both big data and clean tech.


Open Lending is another Austin company that operates in both big data and high finance. It provides risk modeling and automated decision software to banks and other lenders, helping the loan business improve its precision and transparency. By protecting lenders, Open Lending empowers qualified borrowers and helps keep the economy stable.


What Mint does for consumers, PayBook does for companies that do business with banks based in Mexico. Its sturdy and powerful RESTful API integrates existing systems with banks, credit providers, and Mexico’s tax authority. Having built an efficient system to keep financial information flowing to and from Mexico, PayBook now plans similar endeavors focused on finance across other borders.


PotentiaMetrics is another Austin big data firm focused on healthcare, with particular interest in fitness and sports. Its key products are the Andromeda Integration Engine, the Polaris Analytics Engine, and the Outcomes Data Cloud. By translating data into action plans, PotentiaMetrics enables its users to rewrite the playbooks for their industries and to make medicine more personal


RunTitle is the largest database on mineral ownership in the United States. With access to data on gas and oil deposits, investors and real estate owners can make more informed decisions on property investments. RunTitle collects data on oil and gas transactions that occur every day. The massive amount of data, once unavailable to the general public, is made readily available in order for investors to make smarter mineral investment decisions.


Tableau is one of the world's leaders in data visualization. Although based in Seattle, the data visualization and analysis platform boasts offices on four continents, and is currently staffing up in Austin. Visual communication has always connected those with big ideas and those who want to understand them, and data is at the heart of most big ideas these days. Tableau has been visualizing data since around the time broadband went mainstream and is a powerful mainstay in a booming field.

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