More than a selfie: 25 Austin tech Instagram accounts you should follow

Written by Kelly O'Halloran
Published on Aug. 17, 2017
More than a selfie: 25 Austin tech Instagram accounts you should follow

Instagram now counts more than 700 million active users every month. The platform has revolutionized the idea of storytelling through photographs for both personal and professional use. Just like friends and family share updates of their lives, brands use this digital stage to share contests, product launches, life at the office, milestones and more.

We scoured the social media giant to identify some of Austin tech’s best Instagram accounts to follow. Take a look, enjoy the pics, and don’t forget to follow us, too.


bigcommerce insta.jpg

Handle: bigcommerce

Why you should follow: BigCommerce helps retailers take their products online. The company’s Instagram features some of the team’s favorite products and brands along with motivational messages that inspire entrepreneurs to keep at it.



Handle: LifeAtHomeAway

Why you should follow: Followers of HomeAway’s corporate account can learn about giveaways and preview rental properties across the country. But for a better taste of what it's like to work for the Austin-based company and gain insight into the internal tech programs available, check out their LifeAtHomeAway account. 



spiceworks insta.jpg

Handle: spiceworks

Why you should follow: Spiceworks’ Instagram page is all about what it’s like to work at their Austin headquarters. Followers see everything from internal hackathons to their annual company-wide field day event. In April this year, the IT social network and software provider even unveiled a fresh new logo via Instagram.



wpengine insta.jpg

Handle: wpengine

Why you should follow: For an inside peek into the office life of WP Engine’s employees, check out their Instagram channel. The company, now more than 450 employees deep, continues to receive awards as a top place to work at as well as a leader in its space. Just last week, the Stevie Awards named WP Engine Company of the Year.



trendkite insta.jpg

Handle: trendkite

Why you should follow: TrendKite’s been hiring non-stop since it launched in 2012. To get a taste of their culture, follow away. Their Insta features office updates, new members of the team, PR conferences, company-wide gatherings and some candids of tasty cocktails.



aceable insta.jpg

Handle: aceable

Why you should follow: In addition to hilarious memes and office dogs, Aceable has ongoing posts connected by the hashtag #LicensedWithAceable. These posts celebrate some of the hundreds of thousands of Aceable users who used the startup’s Driver’s Ed ap to pass driving tests — now available in six states.



main street hub insta.jpg

Handle: mainstreethub

Why you should follow: Main Street Hub takes social media branding very seriously — for their clients and for themselves. Their marketing platform helps local shops manage their online presence by essentially doing it for them. While Main Street Hub helps tell the stories of small business owners across the country, check out their Instagram to learn more about their own.



volusion insta 2.jpg

Handle: volusion

Why you should follow: Since 1999, Volusion’s team has been designing an e-commerce platform for those interested in opening an online shop. On their Instagram, you’ll meet various team members, see what type of volunteer work they participate in and preview some of the swag new hires get on the first day.



cognitivescale insta.jpg

Handle: cognitivescale

Why you should follow: Meet some of the brainiacs behind CongitiveScale’s industry-specific data interpretation systems via the company’s Instagram page. Photos give followers a backstage pass to all hands meetings, brown bag lunches led by CEO Akshay Sabhikhi, company-wide picnics and more. 



retailmenot insta.jpg

Handle: retailmenot

Why you should follow: RetailMeNot is an online marketplace for coupons, featuring more than 600,000 deals for consumers to choose from. Their Instagram page draws from participating retailers and highlights some of their top deals. They’re usually paired with events like National Doughnut Day, National Best Friends Day and National Rosé Day.



outboundengine insta 2.jpg

Handle: outboundengine

Why you should follow: OutboundEngine’s office has some killer views of Town Lake. But don’t take our word for it — check it out on the startup’s Instagram. The page regularly posts striking local shots complemented by photos of the team hanging both inside and outside of the office.




Handle: dailydot

Why you should follow: In 2011, Nicholas White, a sixth-generation journalist, founded The Daily Dot in Austin. The online publication covers all things e-sports and entertainment. Since launching, the company has expanded to offices in New York and San Francisco with remote workers across the U.S. and U.K. To preview some of the team’s articles and stay current on the news, check out their Instagram page. And, duh, Beyonce.



snap kitchen insta aug.jpg

Handle: snapkitchen

Why you should follow: Who doesn’t love looking at vibrant, delicious-looking food that’s actually healthy for you? Snap Kitchen launched in Austin in 2010 and has since expanded into Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston and Dallas. Their hand-prepared, pre-made meals are perfect for those with hectic schedules who still want to eat well.



silvercar insta 2.jpg

Handle: silvercar

Why you should follow: This Austin auto startup is making moves, fast. To stay current on where you can rent silver A4 Audis outside of our city, follow Silvercar on Instagram. Just last month, the company expanded services to Seattle (and before that, Orlando). 



flosports insta.jpg

Handle: flosports

Why you should follow: FloSports’ livestreamed, original content give coverage to sports that are rarely picked up by TV networks but have fans all over the country. They now stream over 20 sports like grappling, rugby, dance and cycling, while giving some extra love to these verticals over on their Instagram account.



phunware insta.jpg

Handle: phunware

Why you should follow: For advice from their CEO, an intro to some of the office pups and candids of the team, give Phunware’s Instagram a look-see. Since its 2009 launch, the software company has developed mobile digital solutions for businesses from media and entertainment, healthcare, aviation, residential, retail, mobile advertising and more.



solarwinds insta.jpg

Handle: solarwindsinc

Why you should follow: Within the SolarWinds client base is a community of thousands of users called THWACK. Employees from SolarWinds regularly interact with those users through forums, groups, SolarWind-produced videos and more. To see clips from some of the videos and learn about some of the career opportunities, click follow.



ablelending insta.jpg

Handle: ablelending

Why you should follow: For a collection of stunning shots highlighting Austin’s quirky tech community, check out Able Lending’s handle. The fintech startup provides businesses with low interest business loans. Able launched in 2014 and initially only supported Austin businesses in its beta pilot launch. Since going live, the lending platform has expanded into over 40 states.



bazaarvoice insta.jpg

Handle: bazaarvoice

Why you should follow: Co-founded by Austin tech notable Brett Hurt in 2005, Bazaarvoice translates social media data for brands to create revenue-generating opportunities. Its Instagram page includes behind-the-scenes photos from Bazaarvoice’s nine international offices, hackathons and more.



continuum analytics insta.jpg

Handle: continuumanalytics

Why you should follow: If you like green, you’ll love the Continuum Analytics Instagram. The company launched locally in 2012 to build Anaconda, an open data science platform powered by Python and branded in green. Today, Anaconda has over 4.5 million users, more than 1,000 data science packages and north of 150 enterprise customers.



self lender insta.jpg

Handle: selflender

Why you should follow: Last year, Self Lender co-founder and CEO James Garvey published “50 photos in 50 weeks — a year at Self Lender." The photos — many of which are featured on the company’s Instagram page — highlighted the young startup’s rapid growth from 10 users to 7,000 over the course of year.



lifesize insta.jpg

Handle: lifesizehd

Why you should follow: Yes, the feed features product updates, but more importantly, Lifesize’s handle shows its employees having a rocking good time. It includes everything from hackathons and big-wheel races for charity to karaoke nights. The company launched in 2003 and provides high-quality video conferencing solutions.



spredast insta.jpg

Handle: spredfast

Why you should follow: If you’re in marketing, you should absolutely follow Spredfast’s Instagram. Marketing and brand experts from the social media management company post blogs multiple times a week. These pieces share insights on content and marketing strategies while tipping hats to the companies that do it best. After publishing, the blogs will be highlighted on the Instagram account accompanied by a high definition, inviting photo.



thezebra insta.jpg

Handle: thezebra

Why you should follow: Ever wonder if The Zebra co-founder and CEO Adam Lyons is good at kickball? Me neither, but the auto insurance startup’s Instagram account shows some hilarious footage of the 2017 Forbes 30 under 30 recipient’s athletic abilities. The Zebra team is growing, and their Instagram page is a great way to see what work life looks like at their office.



tenantcloud team.jpg

Handle: tenantcloud

Why you should follow: Real-estate startup Tenant Cloud is making it easier for landlords to manage their rental properties remotely. Their Instagram page is a great reference for new product features and well wishes from the Tenant Cloud team.



Images via … well… Instagram.

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