How Moov’s Collaborative Culture Powers a Connected Marketplace

The tight-knit team at this Southwest startup has built a network that keeps the semiconductor industry moving forward.

Written by Brigid Hogan
Published on Jun. 07, 2022
How Moov’s Collaborative Culture Powers a Connected Marketplace
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In 1954, the first commercially available transistor radio, the five-inch tall Regency TR1, used just four germanium transistors. In 2019, Apple’s A13 Bionic chip — which first appeared in the iPhone 11 — included 8.5 billion transistors.

Interconnected transistors on a small piece of semiconductor material, usually silicon, make up the chips that underlie the devices we use every day. The increasingly complex development of semiconductor chips relies on new physics, new engineering and new materials to build ever faster and more efficient transistors.

“The semiconductor industry is so hot right now that when news breaks of improvements in production or supply chain, it spreads like wildfire,” said Lauren Stellwag, operations manager for Moov. “In this collaborative environment, stepping up is first nature to everyone on the team.”

From their headquarters here in the Southwest, Moov has built a globally connected marketplace that allows companies to buy and sell the semiconductor manufacturing equipment that makes advancement possible, while also crafting a culture that keeps top talent knocking at their door.

“At Moov, you will never hear someone say, ‘That’s not my job,’” Stellwag added. “This serves as the foundation for the way we make decisions and act towards one another.” 

Built In Austin sat down with Stellwag to learn more about how they are building a culture that attracts the talent whose work will continue to keep the doors of tech innovation open — even in the midst of a global chip shortage.


Lauren Stellwag
Operations Manager • Moov Technologies


What are the key characteristics of a good team culture?

Good team culture is more than just a compilation of company values. Working at a company with a strong team culture means that you have people who are supportive of one another, courageous in their actions and focused on achieving their goals. We are a growing company and every employee has worked together at one point in time or another.

During our interview process, candidates learn about Moov’s values and are asked to consider how they would engage in an environment with these values. By identifying how candidates will add to our company culture, we aim to ensure each person at Moov adds to our positive work environment.


How do you ensure members of your team continue to feel challenged, engaged and excited by the work they’re doing?

We work in an exciting industry where employees see recognition for the work they do both internally and externally. 

Externally, we publicly celebrate positive customer feedback and, in the event we have neutral or negative feedback, we work together to identify opportunities for improvement. Our public channels of engagement also keep employees and customers excited about Moov. When Moov announces technology and service improvements that will help our customers, our team gets to be on the front line of developments that impact the entire industry. 

Internally, every employee at Moov has the opportunity to share new ideas, spearhead initiatives and identify opportunities for their own personal growth and development. We are in hyper-growth mode, so every new day brings new challenges for the company as a whole and opportunities for individual employees to step up, learn and contribute.

We work in an exciting industry where employees see recognition for the work they do both internally and externally.”


Do you have any unique team celebrations, traditions or rituals to celebrate successes? 

One of my personal favorite traditions is our monthly all-hands gatherings. Everyone in the company meets to celebrate our wins, learn what’s ahead for various departments and spend time connecting with each other. Our employee spotlight is the highlight of the gathering, and it’s our opportunity to learn more about individuals and their successes. We also celebrate employee achievements, so that employees feel recognized for the work they are doing, and we commemorate work anniversaries for every single employee. We use these opportunities to reflect on the growth employees have achieved during their time at Moov and ensure they feel appreciated for all of their hard work. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via Moov and Shutterstock.

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