Power boost: How perks at these Austin companies drive team performance

Written by Kelly O'Halloran
Published on Feb. 22, 2019
Power boost: How perks at these Austin companies drive team performance
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Happy employees are loyal employees, and these four companies are dishing out noteworthy perks to bolster workplace engagement and overall happiness. Through wellness initiatives, learning and growth opportunities, and healthy time off policies, these Austin tech firms are raising the bar in the perks arena. Take a look.


retailemnot juice
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Fresh juice on tap? Downtown parking? These are just a few of the fun perks that the retail savings destination RetailMeNot offers. Lizette Fleher, senior director of culture and engagement, shared her favorites and the impact they have on her work.


What are some of your favorite perks RetailMeNot offers?

Some of my favorite perks stem from our wellness program, which includes access to our on-site gym, RetailMeNot-exclusive fitness classes like spin, yoga, or strength training, and a monthly reimbursement of any fitness center or classes you take outside of the building. I also love RetailMeNot’s coffee bar that doubles as a reception area, the fresh juice bar on tap, and really appreciate that parking is provided, especially since we’re downtown.


What effect do these perks have on your work?

Most of the perks at RetailMeNot contribute greatly to my ability to focus on wellness at work. Our in-house coffee and fresh juice both provide easy access to healthy choices, and I really appreciate that RetailMeNot invests so greatly in employee health through the wellness program.


blackbaud charity
photo via blackbaud

Blackbaud’s perks are so solid, the company needed two employees to share their favorite office extras. Johnathan Mesta, a technical recruiter, and Stefanie Greene, HR manager, revealed their top perks offered by the social good software services firm, including earning additional days off when you volunteer.


What are some of your favorite perks Blackbaud offers?

JM: Our paid time off perks are amazing. Everyone starts with four weeks of paid time off. That number jumps to five weeks at the start of the year when employees will reach their three-year anniversary. Also, our “Volunteer for Vacation” program allows you to turn volunteering into extra PTO days. You can volunteer for your favorite nonprofit, charitable organization, government program, or even volunteer in your child’s school and youth programs.

SG: Wellness benefits. We offer a program through Sonic Boom where employees can join fitness challenges, earn “Wellness Bucks” for prizes and health savings credits, and receive wellness tips and health assessments. We also offer health, mental and financial wellness options through our employee assistance program for employees and their immediate family members.


What effect do these perks have on your work?

JM: Work-life balance is something that’s very important to our employees, including myself, and I love that Blackbaud provides plenty of time to take off for any occasion, be it family trips, illness, or even if I just need to have some “me” time to relax and recharge. Earning additional days off for coaching my son’s soccer program is just a bonus.

SG: For wellness, health is key to being productive and successful. I appreciate all of the outlets Blackbaud offers to achieve good health and wellness. Plus, who doesn’t love to earn free prizes such as Apple Air Pods, HSA dollars, and so on?


modernize photo
image via modernize

The home services platform Modernize focuses on employee development by showering its team with plenty of resources and learning opportunities. Christina Wells, Modernize’s director of people operations, described the ways.


What are some of your favorite perks your company offers?

Outside of the obvious perks like catered lunches, open PTO and the downtown location, my favorite perk is the learning and career development resources available to all employees at Modernize. Our company values are guiding each and every one us to learn and grow. We have an extensive resource library of books that we can check out at any time. All of the books are aimed at developing different skill sets. On top of that, we host a number of different workshops to enhance our technical, leadership and soft skills.


What effect do these perks have on your work?

I’ve grown as a professional more so than anywhere else that I’ve worked prior to Modernize.


image via brightpearl

Jillian Pope, Brightpearl's technical account manager for its customer success team, praised the company for its in-office atmosphere which complements that of her own home. Brightpearl develops automation operation solutions for the back offices of retailers, whole sellers and brands. 

What are some of your favorite perks your company offers?

Our downtown office space has a great environment, with a coffee bar, snack kitchen, dart board, quiet corners and plush furnishings. It feels like I am working at home even when I am not. 

What effect do these perks have on your work?

From a personal perspective, Brightpearl instills a great culture of career development by offering ongoing training and mentorship opportunities. It's also fulfilling working for a company that involves itself in the local community and gives back via organized volunteer opportunities.


Responses have been edited for clarity and length.

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