Bringing Community to the Table at inKind

The pandemic proved the importance of keeping hospitality at the heart of inKind’s team values.

Written by Kim Conway
Published on Nov. 18, 2021
Bringing Community to the Table at inKind
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If hospitality is the concept of making people feel like they’re at home, what does it take to translate that feeling into an office culture?

From the interview experience to daily life as a team member, community echoes through it all at inKind — including the benefits they offer. “An essential tenet of our culture is that our employees collaborate with one another and share meals,” Ellie Cox explained, adding that some of the on-theme perks that keep their team connected include company dinners, daily lunch for local employees, and classes on topics such as culinary enrichment and cocktails.

The need for community was only proved truer as a direct result of Covid-19. Cox referenced how the mental and emotional tolls of the pandemic presented an opportunity for “inKinders” to support each other through a period of isolation and for the company to add an additional layer of support with mental health benefits.

Looking ahead, inKind is eager to continue rebuilding the excitement of restaurant dining experiences while also celebrating employees’ hard work and fostering community among its staff. The company’s head of people met with Built In Austin to share how it’s serving up opportunities to build meaningful connections around food as an experience. If you’re hungry for a new opportunity, check out the roles they’re hiring for.


Ellie Cox
Head of People • inKind


What are some things you and your team do to attract great talent and stand out from other potential employers?

InKind attracts talent first and foremost by offering competitive salaries and benefits, particularly when it comes to childcare. Our structured interview process allows for potential employees to meet and engage with decision-makers from several different levels of the organization. This directly relates to the collaborative culture within inKind. Employees have a real ability to use their voice, be heard and have their ideas impact the course of our business.

One of inKind’s unique traits is the central core value of our business model and our company culture: hospitality. We listen to our employees, foster creativity and engage our team in community building events from company dinners to cocktail classes.


What are a couple of the key offerings that help you retain talent? 

Among all our benefits, inKind is exceptionally proud of our supportive child care policy: disability and parental leave, followed by partially-paid child care for the first two years of a child’s life.

An essential tenet of our culture is that our employees collaborate with one another and share meals. Thus, we offer monthly dinner parties and daily lunch for local employees. In addition, inKinders enjoy culinary enrichment classes led by staff, a flexible work schedule, unlimited paid time off, a supportive and collaborative workforce, and an unforgettable workspace. We believe hard work should not only be acknowledged but also rewarded and celebrated.

We listen to our employees, foster creativity and engage our team in community building events.”


The pandemic has led many professionals to reconsider what they want from a job, and where and how they want to work. How has your company adapted to this shift, and what steps have you taken to create a workplace that meets those needs?

We take Covid-19 seriously and are very proud of our rigorous safety plan, which we continuously update to reflect the most recent state and federal regulations. We also realize that Covid-19 not only impacts physical health but mental and emotional health too. InKinders are there for one another to combat isolation and have access to mental health coverage through our healthcare benefits plan.

As workers at large reconsider their values and how they want to spend the bulk of their day, we have made it clear that this company is a place for people who care about food, unforgettable experiences and the betterment of the community. If you value restaurants, the magic of a meal shared with friends and family, and the excitement of time spent together — and you want to help others attain and live those experiences as well — then this is the company for you.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by inKind and Shutterstock.

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