Calling Recent Graduates: This Austin Company is Hiring

For many graduates, securing their first real-world job isn’t just about making money — it’s about finding a community. Discover how companies like are shaping the future of Austin’s tech scene one new hire at a time.

Written by Mia Goulart
Published on May. 07, 2024
Calling Recent Graduates: This Austin Company is Hiring
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April showers bring May flowers — and college graduation. 

With a flick of the tassel and a deep breath, graduates bid farewell to one chapter and greet the next with anticipation. Among the companies eagerly awaiting this influx of talent is, a standout in the Austin tech scene. 

But why are recent graduates drawn to the digital real estate marketplace? According to Forbes, it boils down to three key factors: skill-building support, pay and value alignment. 

For graduates, stepping into their first real-world opportunity isn’t just about securing a job — it’s about finding a community that nurtures their development, offers equitable compensation and aligns with their vision for the future. As Austin’s tech scene continues to flourish, successful companies understand the importance of nurturing diverse talent to drive innovation and propel the city forward. 

“We’re striving to build a workplace where diversity and equity are prioritized and embedded in everything we do,” noted Program Lead, Emerging Talent Programs and Partnerships Connor Murray. 

Read on to discover how is shaping the future of Austin’s tech scene one new hire at a time. 


Connor Murray
Program Lead, Emerging Talent Programs and Partnerships • is a one-stop-shop for buying, selling or renting a home. The company also home buyers find a real estate agent and mortgage lender.


What skills-building support is available for early career team members 

We understand the value of investing in our interns and providing the necessary support and opportunities to transition into full-time post-graduate roles. The way we facilitate this transition is through our comprehensive internship program, which is designed to not only provide valuable work experience but also to develop and enhance the skills of our interns. 

Mentorship is crucial in professional development, especially for employees starting their careers. One example of skills-building support for emerging talent team members at our company is our mentorship program. Through our program, interns are paired with experienced professionals who provide guidance and help interns navigate their roles, develop their skills and understand the company culture. 

In addition to mentorship, we offer various training opportunities for interns to enhance their skills and knowledge. These training programs cover topics relevant to their roles and career aspirations, including technical skills, soft skills, industry knowledge and professional development. By participating in these training sessions, interns gain valuable insight and practical experience that prepares them for success. 

We are committed to providing comprehensive support and opportunities for our interns to grow and succeed, during their internship and beyond. Through mentorship, training and hands-on experience, we aim to empower emerging talent team members to reach their full potential.


“Through mentorship, training and hands-on experience, we aim to empower emerging talent team members to reach their full potential.”


How do you stay competitive with your salary and benefit offerings? Are there any new perks or benefits you're offering as a result of employee feedback?

Offering a competitive salary and benefits is essential to attract and retain top talent. 

We regularly benchmark our compensation packages against industry standards and market trends, which allows us to ensure that our salaries reflect our employees' skills and experience. In terms of benefits, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and attractive packages to support employee well-being and satisfaction. This includes offering a range of traditional benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans and paid time off, but we go beyond the basics to provide unique perks and benefits that enhance the employee experience and regularly solicit employee feedback through surveys, focus groups and one-on-one discussions to identify areas where we can improve. 

By staying attuned to market trends, listening to employee feedback and enhancing our offerings, we strive to create a workplace where employees feel valued, supported and motivated to thrive.


Give an example of DEI, sustainability or equitable practices that your company is proud of.

We take pride in our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and philanthropy. One initiative that showcases this commitment is the establishment of our ERGs and our inclusive talent attraction council. 

Our ERGs represent various communities, including LGBTQ+, women and people of color and provide a platform for them to come together, share experiences and drive positive change. Through networking events, professional development opportunities, community outreach and advocacy efforts, these groups foster a culture of inclusivity and belonging and empower employees to bring their authentic selves to work. 

Our inclusive talent attraction council also shapes our hiring practices to attract and retain diverse talent. This council consists of cross-functional team members dedicated to advancing DEIP initiatives throughout talent acquisition. From crafting inclusive job descriptions and implementing bias-free interviewing techniques to establishing partnerships with diverse recruitment channels and organizations, the council creates equitable opportunities for everyone. 



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