Companies to Watch in Spring 2024: 5 Austin Tech Companies Poised for Growth

These Austin tech companies are ready for the superbloom that comes with warmer days. Here are the ones to watch.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Mar. 20, 2024
Companies to Watch in Spring 2024: 5 Austin Tech Companies Poised for Growth
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Rainy days, budding greenery and the promise of warmer weather ahead — there’s a sparkling optimism in the Austin spring air.  

As Austinites start strolling through Zilker Park and wisterias begin to sprout, Austin’s tech scene blossoms. Built In Austin has curated a list of five noteworthy companies gearing up for a superbloom.  

These Austin companies each have a distinct vision for the future, but what all five have in common is a curated crop of people-first benefits. Before your next afternoon stroll, take a moment to learn more about what Austin’s top tech companies have to offer: a breath of fresh air. 


IT team members working together on laptops in office


What NinjaOne does: NinjaOne’s platform enables IT and managed services provider teams to manage, patch and support all of their endpoints. The company’s overarching aim is to simplify IT operations by making IT teams more efficient and productive. 



  • We are curious: At Ninja, everyone’s opinion matters; we challenge the status quo, we ask questions and we provide suggestions.
  • We have integrity: We want to work with people who have strong moral principles; people who are honest, respectful and helpful.
  • We practice kindness: We are friendly, considerate people who practice empathy in our everyday interactions.
  • We show humility: We amplify other’s achievements above our own, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We are builders: We are constructive with our thoughts and actions, and we always take a hands-on approach, whether it’s building great technology, communities or careers.


In the news: According to a Built In Austin report, NinjaOne raised a $231.5 million funding round, bringing its total valuation to $1.9 billion. The company plans to put its newest capital acquisition toward customer success, product innovation and overall growth. 



What Fathom5 does: Fathom5 builds industrial machines for government and commercial entities, especially organizations within the maritime sector. The company’s machines are designed to connect cyber-physical systems that utilize and share data to provide real-time analysis and control. 



  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • Docker


In the news: Last fall, Fathom5 announced a partnership with Dragos, an operational technology cybersecurity provider. In an online statement, the company shared that the alliance marries its own maritime expertise with the power of Dragos’ platform. 



Real estate agent shaking hands with new homeowner


What CertifID does: Founded in 2018, CertifID offers software, insurance and services to prevent wire fraud in real estate transactions. The company’s fraud recovery team upholds a partnership with the U.S. Secret Service to help customers recover their lost finances when fraud occurs. 



  • Protect the customer: We are customer-obsessed, but like, not in a weird way; we know how damaging fraud is, so we do whatever it takes to protect our customers' businesses, employees, clients and money.
  • Raise the bar: Status quo? Never heard of it; we constantly push the envelope through innovation, going the extra mile for our customers and challenging ourselves to improve daily.
  • Operate with urgency: Wire fraud stops for no one; we move fast to deliver excellent customer experiences and stay one step ahead of scammers and the competition.


In the news: Last fall, CertifID raised an additional $20 million in a series B funding round. According to a Built In Austin report, the extra capital will help the company continue developing its products and scaling its operations to meet the demands of the real estate industry.



What Aceable does: Aceable’s mobile platform offers online drivers education and real estate courses. The company launched its first course in 2014 and has since expanded its offerings, amassing over 1,000 hours of online educational content. 



  • Companywide vacation
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Generous parental leave


In the news: According to a Built In Austin report, Aceable announced the appointment of Kevin Morris as chief product officer and Neil Seth as chief technology officer late last year. The two new hires align with the company’s plans to add AI-powered enhancements to its online course offerings. 



What Mothership does: Mothership’s last-mile freight dashboard enables companies to quote, book and track freight all in one place. The company’s software is designed to help organizations save time and money on shipments and deliver more damage-free freight on schedule. 



  • Employee stock purchase plan
  • Mental health benefits
  • Generous PTO
  • Flexible work scheduling


Defined by dynamism: In an interview with Built In Austin last year, Mothership Enterprise Account Executive Tom Snyder described how the company’s dynamic culture empowers employees. “When facing challenges, we maintain positivity, generate innovative ideas and drive progress, creating a force for positive change within systems or processes, brimming with energy and creative solutions,” he said. 



Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images provided by Shutterstock.

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