Gigster Acquires CodersRank to Deliver Custom Staffing Tech

The deal will grow Gigster’s SaaS product portfolio of predictive team performance analytics tools.

Published on Oct. 06, 2023
Gigster Acquires CodersRank to Deliver Custom Staffing Tech
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Gigster, a custom software development platform headquartered in San Antonio, has announced its agreement to acquire CodersRank, a SaaS platform for ranking software developers. Gigster’s AI-driven engine assembles project-specific teams. By incorporating CodersRank into its solution, it will gain access to the latter’s network of over 600,000 engineers proficient in more than 250 technologies.

CodersRank offers a comprehensive view of a developer’s capabilities, providing a detailed portfolio based on data from various coding platforms and repositories. The acquisition aims to address the increasing demand for a transparent system that showcases software developers’ expertise and skills. 

As part of the acquisition, Gigster will integrate CodersRank’s product into its offering and launch an integrated solution in the fourth quarter of 2023. The companies also plan to launch community-driven events, webinars and learning modules to help developers enhance their skills and businesses understand the evolving tech landscape.

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