Literati Just Released a New Product. Here’s How It Plans to Grow.

A product leader explains how the company’s new feature fights against superficiality and why they need passionate people to join their team.

Written by Olivia McClure
Published on Jul. 27, 2021
Literati Just Released a New Product. Here’s How It Plans to Grow.
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At many tech companies, new products unlock greater possibilities, prompting employees to stretch the boundaries of what they thought possible. From marketing to engineering, every team plays a part in spurring innovation. 

This is especially true at Literati, a company that offers monthly book club subscriptions curated by notable thinkers and world figures. According to Literati VP of Product Elizabeth Winkler, the company recently released a new product designed to further drive home the company’s mission to change the world through reading. 

“It’s an important product, given we live in a world of superficial interactions and soundbites,” Winkler said. “We are building a community where people are inspired to read more by having deep, insightful conversations together.”

Backed by a new product and a hunger for innovation, the company is currently seeking new hires to help them achieve their goals, said Winkler. Literati has open roles spanning several key departments, from UX/UI design to growth. 

Built In Austin caught up with Winkler to learn more about the company’s newest product and what their goals are for growing their team. 


Elizabeth Winkler
VP of Product • Literati

Tell us about your newly launched product. What makes it so innovative?

We recently launched a new product that brings together the world’s most influential minds and readers into a beautiful community centered around book discussion. We partnered with incredible figures like Malala Yousafzai, Stephen Curry and Richard Branson, as well as authors like Susan Orlean, Roxane Gay and Elin Hilderbrand to curate books and lead discussions in our new app. Each month, our subscribers receive a book curated by the host of their choice. Throughout the month, the curator and readers share their thoughts on what they’ve read, leading to a more enriching experience. Where else can you say that you get to chat with Malala or Richard Branson about a book?


How did the company celebrate this win and the people responsible for pushing the product over the finish line?

We launched this product in the middle of the pandemic, which made celebrating a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, our team loves challenges almost as much as we love celebrations. To celebrate each time we launch a product, we pack up our blankets and head to a park for a socially-distanced outdoor picnic. It's nothing fancy, but our close-knit team loves these picnics.


Literati looks for passionate people who want to make a positive impact in people's lives.”


Which teams are hiring as a result of this new product push, and what types of employees are you looking to bring aboard?

Literati is hiring across most of our departments, from UX/UI design to growth. We are particularly focused on building out our technical team, which encompasses DevOps, engineering, data science and more. 

As a mission-driven company that seeks to spread the love of reading to both children and adults, Literati looks for passionate people who want to make a positive impact in people's lives.



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