Protopia AI Raises $6M to Help AI Extract Data, Not Sensitive Information

The Austin startup plans to hire engineers to further develop its data platform.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Dec. 07, 2022
Protopia AI Raises $6M to Help AI Extract Data, Not Sensitive Information
Protopia AI founder Hadi Esmaeilzadeh.
Protopia AI CEO Eiman Ebrahimi. | Photo: Protopia AI

Training artificial intelligence systems requires a lot of data, but often those troves of data are not available for use due to the possibility of revealing personal information. Austin-based Protopia AI has developed a platform that allows AI technology to access more data without leaking personal information. 

Protopia AI recently closed a $6 million seed round that ATX Venture Partners led. Galaxy Interactive, Silverton Partners and DNX Ventures also participated in the funding round. 

According to Seagate Technology and IDC survey, AI machines are able to use less than half the data they collect due to it being blocked by data-sensitivity issues. With its platform, the company, founded by Professor Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, wants to help customers use as much data as possible to train their AI models. 

Protopia AI works alongside encryption solutions and is able to provide data that had already been cleaned of personal information. This leaves customers with clean data sets that they can use to train their AI models. 

“We are at an inflection point where AI has unprecedented capabilities — but at the cost of losing the control and ownership of data,” Esmaeilzadeh said in a statement. “Protopia AI is the vision to enable practical AI without losing the control [and] ownership of data.”

With the new funding, Protopia looks to build out its engineering teams in order to advance its products.

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