Edge Computing Startup Vapor IO Raises $90M in Extended Series C

The company is aiming to bring its network of data centers to 36 markets across the country by the end of 2021.

Written by Gordon Gottsegen
Published on Jan. 22, 2020
Edge Computing Startup Vapor IO Raises $90M in Extended Series C
Vapor IO Series C

Computing power is growing perpetually stronger and faster in recent decades, but the quest for better computers never stops. This has helped lead to the rise of edge computing.

You may have heard of cloud computing, or at least the ominous term “the cloud.” Cloud computing essentially refers to using remote servers to store data that is accessible over an internet connection. This has given people the ability to access large amounts of data or software without having to host their own servers. But one issue with cloud computing is that it requires a strong internet connection, and things can slow down without one.

Edge computing tries to solve this problem by using a network of mini data servers that are physically closer to the computers or IoT devices accessing the data. By storing information locally, it can be accessed faster — almost in real time.

Vapor IO is an Austin-based startup that is working to build an edge computing network. On Wednesday, it announced $90 million in its extended Series C funding round that will help it expand its services, currently offered in a handful of metropolitan areas.

The company offers edge colocation, edge exchange and edge networking services through its “Kinetic Edge” network, a network it plans to grow to include 36 markets by the end of 2021. Some of these markets include Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, San Francisco and Seattle.

“By deploying Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge exchange, colocation and networking services in the top U.S. markets, we provide a platform to deliver low-latency edge capabilities at the intersection of the wireline and wireless networks,” Vapor IO CEO and founder Cole Crawford said in a statement. “With a total of 36 multi-site markets coming online over the next 24 months, we expect to be the largest provider of edge colocation, edge networking and edge exchange services in close proximity to the last mile networks.”

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