by Kelly O'Halloran
June 6, 2019

When soldiers head off for active duty, they leave behind families and spouses. The prospect of finding a job might seem daunting in this scenario, but through its career development training courses, 360training is helping this subsector — along with more than four million students from across the world — advance their career development.

Now, following a fresh acquisition that’s fueling their future growth, the company has moved into a new state-of-the-art office, is ready to expand into new verticals to serve even more students, and is working to secure more state funding sources to help people gain education opportunities that they may not otherwise be able to afford. We connected with three leaders from the company to learn more about what’s on their syllabus.


360training office
photography by Hannah Koehler
Photography by Hannah Koehler
photography by Hannah Koehler



EMPLOYEES: 200 total; 50 locally

WHAT THEY DO: 360training creates training content for workforce compliance, continuing education, professional development, and career certification that’s available on an e-learning marketplace.

WHERE THEY DO IT: Northwest Austin, near Bull Creek District Park, as well as offices in Karachi, Pakistan and Manila, Philippines

INNOVATION EMBRACED: Employees are encouraged to try new ideas rapidly with the support and engagement from all levels of leadership, including the C-levels.

TALK THE TALK: 360training employees are encouraged to talk with their managers about their professional journey and aspirations, and leaders work to give targeted learning and action plans that include mentoring, special projects, growth in their role, mobile learning, lunch and learns, community service, and more. 


360training austin



Jeff Morton, VP of Operations

As VP of operations, Jeff oversees all of 360training’s customer and client support teams as well as their fulfillment services group. His team’s goal, no matter what role they are supporting, is to always put the customer first.

GOT IT COVERED: In addition to visiting national parks across the country with his family, Jeff says he “dabbles” as a drummer for a local cover band.  


Your background includes impressive stints in executive roles for several companies. What motivated your move to 360training in 2018?

Two reasons. First, I love the product that we offer. We give people the ability to take training that they need for a job or career advancement and provide them a flexible online format so they can achieve their goals. These trainings are in many cases mandatory for the customer we work with, and we help make it easy for them to access and complete them. Secondly, I have had the opportunity to work with the leadership at 360training in the past at different points in my career, and I know the amazing things they can do.


As 360training grows, how do you approach building out your team? What challenges do you face?

I focus on growing my team by bringing on people who complement the overall team and vision that we have. Hiring people with varied backgrounds and perspectives allows me to get a wide range of insights and ideas that help us move our business forward. The challenges we face will always be around outdoing ourselves and our accomplishments. We never want to settle for what we did before because we want to evolve as a team so we can better serve our clients and customers.

We never want to settle for what we did before.”

What are you most excited about for the future of your company?

I’m most excited by the team we are building. They are amazing, and the potential they all bring to our company is going to catapult us to even greater success. We have some great new spaces that our company has invested in and a brand-new office being built for our customer support team in Manila. The investment in our people is incredible, and that is going to take us to the next level as we grow and expand.





Susan Hufnagel, Controller

Susan leads and manages 360training’s general ledger to ensure compliance with generally accepted accounting principles. As global corporate controller, she wants her team to be excited about their contribution to building the foundation of the accounting function as it impacts the growth of 360training.

READ ON: Susan’s a huge history buff and enjoys reading historical nonfiction. She said her love for literature enhances her analytical and problem-solving skills as a leader.


You’ve worked in finance for 19 years. What has kept you in the industry, and what excites you about the opportunity with 360training?

I continue to work in accounting and finance because the environment is constantly changing, which allows me to continue to learn and build on my experience and skills. With the leadership and talent, 360training has unlimited potential in being the leader in e-learning solutions. It’s enriching to work for a company that promotes self-improvement, whether it’s for an existing role or new opportunity.


How has last year’s PWP Growth Equity and RedHawk Investment acquisition positioned 360training for success in the years to come?

The new leadership team is phenomenal and, under their guidance, there is no limit to the amount of success the company can realize. Post-acquisition, as teams are growing, we’re focused on bringing passionate and versatile people on board, which strengthens the symbiotic relationship between departments.

360training has unlimited potential in being the leader in e-learning solutions.”

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months for your company?

I’m excited about market expansion, as well as new courses being developed to help anyone looking to better themselves through e-learning opportunities.



360training admissions


Kadi Simmonds, Admissions Advisor

As part of her work as an admissions advisor, Kadi partners with military spouses of active duty service members to explore career growth opportunities via counseling and 360training’s courses. Through the Military Spouse Career Advancement Account Scholarship, eligible spouses are able to pursue self-paced certificate courses necessary to gain employment in high demand, high-growth portable career fields and occupations.

TRAVEL TECHIE: Kadi travels to different countries to explore and learn more about their cultural food, art and history. Her adventures abroad have helped make her a better leader and colleague to her teammates and customers overseas.


How has your career in education prepared you for your role at 360training today?

I had over 10 years of postsecondary education recruitment experience prior to joining 360training. My career in this industry has provided me with vital skills, such as quantitative and analytical skills, and the ability to develop innovative strategies for successful recruitment of qualified learners.


What future initiatives are you most excited about that support both customers and the community?

I am excited about our expansion to secure more funding sources such as the Texas Workforce Commission. Having approval for more funding sources allows me and my team to help more students in Texas, and nationwide, gain access to educational opportunities that they may not otherwise be able to afford. We are in a unique position — we have the ability to help people and give back to our nation, especially when we help military families.

We have the ability to help people and give back to our nation, especially when we help military families.”  

How are you working to separate yourself from your competitors?

Our company is highly vigilant in our industry space. Our ideas are encouraged, and so employees don't have to wait for a manager to identify new ways of doing things. Each unit, like Meditec, has a business unit manager who is tasked with profitability objectives, which includes making sure each unit is ahead of the competition. Employees in each unit are constantly providing feedback from the frontlines to our business unit manager, who analyzes our recommendations and strategically implements new and improved courses.


Jobs at 360training

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