This Bay Area cybersecurity startup has big hiring plans in Austin

Written by Kelly O'Halloran
Published on Apr. 27, 2018
This Bay Area cybersecurity startup has big hiring plans in Austin
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A San Francisco-based cybersecurity startup is steadily building out an executive dream team of industry experts right here in town.

With a new office at The Domain, JASK has named Austin as its second headquarters. That office is already home to the company’s VP of product Rocky DeStefano, CTO J.J. Guy, VP of engineering Rob Fry, newly appointed CMO Greg Fitzgerald, and a team of local talent slated to grow from 40 to 100 by the end of 2018.

Each of these leaders brings decades of experience innovating in threat analytics and cyber protection at organizations like the U.S. Air Force, Netflix, Cloudera, RSA, Yahoo, Cylance and TippingPoint — to name a few.

This town, Austin, Texas, has a phenomenal history of expertise in cybersecurity.”

“This town, Austin, Texas, has a phenomenal history of expertise in cybersecurity,” said Fitzgerald, whose appointment as CMO was announced this week. “We at JASK are going to capitalize on this and hopefully be another anchor company in Austin that shows that great things can happen here.”

The company is developing AI-powered solutions to help enterprise security teams determine, prioritize and respond to cyber threat levels when an alarm is activated.

“We’re providing visibility to the security teams for them to hunt faster and know whether it’s the secretary at the company accidentally clicking on something, someone posing as the secretary or if it’s an insider threat that will intentionally or unintentionally hurt the organization,” said Fitzgerald.

Since its 2015 inception, JASK has signed on Fortune 100 clients from healthcare, finance, retail and telecommunications, as well as government organizations. And with more client onboarding on the way, Fitzgerald said engineering has become a major hiring priority for JASK.

“We need technical folks of all types,” said Fitzgerald. “This includes architects, backend developers, full-stack developers and user interface personnel. We want the best of the best. We’re hoping through culture, mission, purpose and visibility, that candidates are attracted to a company that’s bright, shiny and sustainable.”

JASK will also be adding roles in operations, sales, security engineers and marketing. Fitzgerald said his team will be hiring for attitude over aptitude, willing to train those without a cybersecurity background.

“This company is literally like the dream team,” said Fitzgerald. “Everybody here is just such a quality person and that excites me this most. They are smart. They work really hard. They are energetic and they are willing to learn fast. The industry is at a perfect time for JASK.”

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